Top 20 Android App Development Trends To See In 2021

Android! Who doesn't know about it! Android App Development Trends To See In 2021 .

Android! Who doesn't know about it! There is no question that Android is the most popular mobile operating system to date, with more than 85% market share. Currently, there are 3.2 million applications in the google play store and rising. Apps range from games, social media apps, web browsers to corporate apps.

If you think about building an app, Android's first operating system will come to your mind. The android operating system gets all its attention because android apps are user-friendly and leading the way in industry apps. Android app development solutions are improving to the latest technologies daily, and the mobile app development industry should adopt them.

Android App Development Trends To See In 2021

The implementation of Android has changed dramatically, owing mainly to the enhanced user experience. To stay ahead of the curve in the rapidly changing android app development business, you must model tomorrow's trends.

It would be best to understand the latest android app development trends before choosing a professional app development business to create an android app. So, let's look at some of the most recent Android app development trends that change business models in 2021.

  • 5G Technology

In comparison to 4g networks, 5G technology is significantly faster, which is unprecedented. With the 100 Gbps speed and high-frequency bandwidth, 5G tech reaches the top data speeds. As a result, 5G tech improves business performance directly.

  • Internet Of Things (IoT)

Smartphones are now an integral part of our daily lives, storing information such as emails, meetings, contacts, and more.

Smartphones have become the central hub for intelligent products such as sports bands, smartwatches, smart TVs, and other wearables. Those products since the introduction of apps, but the talk does not finish here only.

Smart gadgets are becoming more affordable for consumers as a price drop. By 2025, it estimates that there will be 75.44 billion linked devices on the planet. One of the main drivers of this android app development trend is cost-effectiveness.

  • Machine Learning And Artificial Intelligence

We all know that cloud computing received a large amount of computing strength for all firms. Now, making AI models are more accessible than before. According to Accenture, the latest AI can boost productivity up to 40%.

Ai development has both a strength and a weakness in terms of solution diversity. Nevertheless, you can use it to automate various tasks, including image recognition, natural language processing, and data analytics.

Moreover, the training process consumes more computational power. Therefore, companies can use the current trained neural network in smart devices without using more CPU.

  • Development For Many Platforms (Flutter)

Google created Flutter and also created the future of android app development. Flutter enables native app development for platforms like iOS and Android. Flutter also makes iOS apps and Android apps in the single code base; that's why Flutter is the most accepted framework among developers because of its combinability and flexibility.

Key points to choose Flutter:

  1. MVP development
  2. Native design
  3. Learning a feature is very easy

Currently, most developers use Flutter actively, so it's trending in android app development.

Which apps are using Flutter?

  1. Google Ads
  2. Alibaba
  3. Reflectly
  • Chatbots/Google Assistant

Nearly all smartphone users know about google assistant and chatbots. Both use AI to interact with customers/users. They do not need manual input from a host end to help customers. It is the reason why entrepreneurs and business owners are moving forward with it.

The main advantage of having this integration is that you can provide consumers with faster ways to access your app directly in the assistant. App actions allow you to use Google Assistant to deep-link to specific tasks within your mobile app.

Another innovation is Android Slices, allowing developers to expose the essential material from their apps to assistants. With the growing number of google assistant users, mobile app integration with this well-known virtual assistant will become a top priority for many development teams.

  • Application Performance Management (APM) and Enterprise Mobile Management (EMM)

APM and EMM are two components of enterprise mobile app development. Developers use APM and EMM for speeding up mobile apps.

Thanks to the advent of mobile app development, it has evolved into a quality assurance tester for mobile apps. It not only helps with app security and safety, but it also enables effective data interchange between employees via mobile devices.

  • Beacon Technology

Businesses are increasingly relying on beacon technology because it allows them to target potential clients more precisely. Beacons are wireless transmitters that can connect to mobile devices within their range. They let businesses send messages to those devices about local hotels, special offers, and other information.

As a result, incorporating this technology into android apps is becoming increasingly popular. This integration can be highly beneficial to businesses such as shops and restaurants. The use of iBeacons and other similar devices for marketing is expected to grow quickly in the future.

  • Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology delivers decentralized app development options Using robust security protocols that increase transparency and remove illegal access and middlemen.

It is an excellent android app development choice, especially for financial services such as banks and currency exchanges.

Advantages of blockchain technology:

  1. It minimizes data loss
  2. If there is a network problem, it deploys data for better performance
  3. For data encryption, blockchain android apps are more secure and safer
  • Android Instant Apps

In the android app development world, instant apps are widespread. Instant apps are still growing and becoming famous. Android instant apps allow users to try out games and apps without installing them on their smartphones. They restrict consumers from downloading the app and allow them to access the internet quickly and directly without having to install it.

This tech is beneficial to both eCommerce and video games. Instant apps take up less space on the smart device and cause less system disruption.

Advantages of android instant apps:

  1. having full access to Android apps without needing to download them
  2. fantastic UI/UX design
  3. more storage space
  4. compatibility with all Android devices
  • Android Jetpack

Android jetpack helps android app developers to build modern apps. It is a complete suite of tools, guidelines, and libraries. Android jetpack's primary purpose is to make development tasks easy. Google well-organized documentation that makes it simple to get started with this product.

There are four main components: UI, behavior, architecture, and foundation. Android Jetpack is listed in the trends in Android app development because it makes app development easy.

  • On-Demand Apps

Android apps are often used to improve customer service and experience. An increasing trend in app development is on-demand apps. These apps make it easier to complete daily duties quickly and comfortably.

On-demands app examples are healthcare, beauty, grocery, retail, and food delivery. They can assess user location and supply the necessary services. So on-demand apps allow customers to access services right away.

  • Kotlin Multiplatform

Kotlin provides an excellent feature for developers. It is helpful as a replacement for the Flutter framework. There is an experimental feature in Kotlin 1.2, and 1.3 and some devs are using it. Still, some Expectations are to grow in importance in the following years.

Kotlin allows sharing code between platforms. It is compatible with Mac, Windows, Linux, Javascript, JVM, iOS, Android, and embedded systems such as STM32. It improves the speed of the development process and frees up time for the team to focus on more challenging tasks.

  • AR (Augmented Reality)

We all know about VR (Virtual Reality), but AR (Augmented Reality) is a comparably new mobile app development trend. AR does not replace the original one, but it adds more data in reality for entertainment.

There is an expectation that AR gaming value to reach $285 billion in 2023.

  • Mobile Wallets

Yes, you are thinking right. Android apps like PhonePe and Google Pay are mobile wallets. They boost security and increases the business value. It also reduces human efforts for easy financial transactions.

  • MotionLayout

It is a type of layout that developers can use to handle widget animation and motion. Developers can use this layout to handle widget animation and motion in their apps. This library makes it simple for the development team to bridge the gap between complicated motion handling and layout transitions. It offers a wide range of functions.

Furthermore, it enables developers to display every point within the transition instantaneously based on a circumstance such as a touch input. Currently, devs are using it for developing interfaces.

  • eCommerce

eCommerce mobile apps now account for more than half of all income, thanks to the introduction of Android devices. Clients will be increasingly likely to download eCommerce Android applications for their favorite items and services as their preference for online purchasing grows.

Advantages of eCommerce apps:

  1. Secured payment gateways
  2. Push notifications of updates about products and offers
  3. Increased conversion rate
  4. Client loyalty is higher
  5. Advantages in the marketplace
  6. Personalized experience
  • Enterprise and Security Solutions

Currently, there is only 50% of mobile users have some protection. There were 3.2 million malicious apps recognized, and today's date, the count is more than that.

Despite users' lack of security awareness, Android is a popular business platform paired with Gmail, Google's office suite, and calendar.

There are countless apps utilized by firms globally, so increasing the security at the enterprise level is crucial. In upcoming years, security is compulsory to protect smartphone user's data.

  • AMP – Accelerated Mobile Pages

Well, only developers know this term – AMP. AMP improves SEO and the overall performance of the website. AMP also improves website ranking. Google also encourages devs to use AMP. According to Google, AMP web pages load four times faster than non-AMP websites on average.

According to experts, Google gives more priority to AMP for more traffic to your website.

  • Cloud-based Android Apps

Operating mobile apps without cloud storage has become tricky in recent years. As a result, app developers are turning to cloud-based apps to alleviate the stress of large data loads.

These apps play an essential role in securely storing a large amount of data without eating up phone capacity. Users can use these apps at any time and from any location.

  • Wearables Apps

With the increased popularity of wearable devices such as smartwatches, the need for wearable apps has skyrocketed. They use the Android SDK, much like other apps, but they have superior functionality and design. Smartwatches support wearable applications, which give hardware access such as sensors and GPU.


Year by year, technologies are getting more advanced with new ideas and innovations. Trends also repeatedly change by constant improvements in development technologies, especially in android app development. Also, more and more users are using android apps. So, to grow the business rapidly, it's better to have a successful android app with a top-notch user experience. Suppose you are from a setup or a business. In that case, you can Hire Android app developers enterprise-quality apps at a reasonable price.

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