Let The Upcoming New Year Be On A Special Location

Get on board a New Year’s Eve cruise in Sydney and travel around some of the unique locations in Australia.

It is almost time for us to rejuvenate and refresh with new hopes and determinations. Let go of the sorrows and unpleasant memories from your cupboard and welcome the upcoming new year with passion, enthusiasm , and energy for the rest of your days. Plan your celebration in Australia, one of the most visited tourist destinations in the world. An Australian trip would never be disappointing since it has everything that you are searching for while visiting a country. Relish in the magnificent beauty of its landscapes, pristine waters, and architectural masterpieces. Here are the names of some unique places to pay a visit on the upcoming New Year’s Eve.  

Sydney Harbour

It would be great if you can be at Sydney Harbour to celebrate the upcoming New Year’s Eve. Because here, you can see one of the biggest and most expensive NYE celebrations in the world that only gets bigger in time. If you are a tourist in Sydney, get on board one of the luxury and budget-friendly New Year cruises in the harbour that can be identified as one of the best ways to fire up your event experience. Hop on board an Australian built ultra-modern catamaran with three expansive outer decks and panoramic windows offering pocket-friendly cruises in the Sydney Harbour. Gather up your friends and family for this once-in-a-lifetime kind of experience. See the epic midnight fireworks display and the uncompromising views of the Sydney Harbour attractions such as the Harbour Bridge and Opera House. You can also enjoy a freshly prepared deluxe seafood buffet dinner and mix them up with the soft drinks and quality Australian beverages. Take in the views of the stunning pyrotechnic projections and the illuminated city skyline along with an all-inclusive package for around 7 hours. Get on board a New Year’s Eve cruise in Sydney Harbour, roll your camera and click some amazing photographs in the background.

Shark Bay

Western Australia is a great place to pay a visit during January. Try visiting Western Australia, discover and explore Shark Bay, a World Heritage site in the westerly point, on the Indian Ocean coast. The location is quite popular for its exceptionally well natural features. You can see one of the largest and most diverse seagrass beds in the world along with a large population of dugongs and a number of globally threatened species. Try catching sight of the incredible landscapes and rich marine wildlife from your New Year’s special trip to Western Australia. The land is also famous for the abundance of stromatolites, the colonies of the algae that can accelerate the abundance of the oldest life forms on earth. They can be compared to the living fossils on earth. Shark Bay is also popular since it is one among the few marine areas that are rich in carbonates instead of corals. You will also be able to catch sight of the spectacular view of natural abundance along your way such as some amazing cliff tops, pristine clear waters, and even the glimpse of a shark swimming in the water, if you are lucky enough. 

Heard and McDonald Islands

Heard and McDonald Islands in Australia can be identified as a remote UNESCO site in Australia. You might have visited several heritage sites, but I’m sure that this would be a lulu! The place is pretty difficult to visit but not impossible. It is located around 4,000 km southwest of Perth and halfway to the Antarctic continent. These islands were discovered in the 1850s by an American explorer. It is part of the external territory of the Commonwealth of Australia and the land is now managed by the Australian Antarctic Division. You can explore and learn about its geographical features since it is considered as one of the last remains of the island ecosystems on Earth. Even though a visit is highly expensive and uber difficult, it is not an impractical mission to sign up for.

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