What Makes Johannesburg The Crown Of African Tourism?

Johannesburg is the largest city in South Africa and claims to be the largest commercial powerhouse of South Africa

The biggest city of South Africa and dearly called Jo'burg, Jozi and E'Goli, Johannesburg is the industrial and commercial metropolitan of South Africa. Once, being the home of Nelson Mandela, Johannesburg encloses the rich history of gold mining. This vibrant city proudly flaunts the artistic and cultural chronicle which is explicit in its art studios, cafes, museums, edifices, contemporary galleries, soaring skyscrapers and voguish restaurants. Besides these, other attractions to this place include extensive wild-life, beautiful gardens, and parks in Pretoria and also UNESCO enrolled Cradle of Humankind. Let's get an overview of the exuberant delight that entrails Johannesburg and discuss few of the city's attractions in detail:-

Constitutional Hill:-

In the northern region of Johannesburg, the Constitutional Hill is the true embodiment of democracy. The premises in the adjoining area include the Constitution Court, Old Fort, W women’s prison and Number Four prison, which are major attractions for the visitors. The constitution court is elegantly built in the old fort which has tales of imprisonment of few great leaders including Nelson Mandela and Mahatma Gandhi. The structure of the court has been changed from what it was in the past and what we see now, though much has been still kept unchanged like the old prison walls. Number Four prison and the Women's prison come next after the visit to the court.

The Apartheid Museum:-

Standing close to the city centre, the Apartheid Museum is located in the southern part of Johannesburg. With extensive illustration of maltreatment and day to day injustice done to the minority community, the Apartheid Museum exhibits every minute detail of struggle for independence. An entire section is dedicated to Nelson Mandela and his endeavour for freedom. The details were such that could make even the strongest heart cry. Everyone should visit this museum to acquaint with the atrocities that humanity once experienced in Africa.

Gold Reef City:-

The Gold Reef is approx. 8 kilometres away from the main town, which was built on an old gold mine. Gold Reef displays a spectacular view of ancient historical marvels, plenty of theme park rides and modern artefacts. City attracts a large number of visitors specially the gold lovers. People who come to see Gold reef city have much to buy and explore from various shops, stores, hotels and commercial centres.

Market Theatre:-

Market Theatre is refurbished market building and is of great importance in Johannesburg's history. It is well known tourist spot in the country and lures a lot of tourists from all parts of the world. The market theatre has four live theatre venues where the best performances are held. Skits with strong plots and story lines are delivered on stage. Visitors come in huge numbers to see the fabulous acting and dialogue delivery of the participants. There is also a book store, art and image gallery and restaurants in the premises of the building.

Lion Park:-

Animal lovers can straight away head towards Lion Park in Johannesburg which is a two kilometre long wildlife sanctuary and undoubtedly the most attractive spot in Johannesburg. Inundated with a lot of adventure and thrill activities for it's visitors to try upon, the lion park has much to excite people like Lion and Cheetah tours, self drive in a Safari vehicle, Giraffe and Zebra grazing, spotting of animals like dogs, hyenas, deer, rarely found white lion and other wildlife species. All this and much could be experienced here, so hurry up and book your flights to Johannesburg.

National Museum of Military History:-

People visit this place to get equipped with the military history of South Africa. They get informed about the struggles and hurdles that subsisted there a few decades back. The major attractions of the place are equipment of World War II, bombers, fighter planes and ruins of arms, tanks, medals and uniforms of the soldiers. There is also an interesting exhibition of the medicines and medical aid that was used during the war time which included Zulu's traditional healing and treatment that was given on the battle-field.

To visit all these and to be a witness to South African's rich and splendid cultural heritage, Johannesburg is sufficed with O.R Tambo International Airport, which is situated around 25km north-east of the city centre. One can book the flights from London to Johannesburg with best travel agents in UK, and head towards this land of sheer pleasure.

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