Discover The Wilds Of Western Sicily From The Lap Of Luxury

If your dream of Sicily holidays includes beautiful remote landscapes, ancient culture and quiet, authentic Sicilian charm, then book yourself a stay in a luxury hotel in the west of the island, where you’ll find all of that and more.

While holidays in Sicily have become increasingly popular in recent years, those hoping for a holiday away from the crowds should look to the west.

But don’t let the term ‘rustic’ put you off. Despite being quieter than the tourist resorts of the east, there is still plenty of luxury here to attract discerning travellers. It’s just that five-star elegance here is found in stunning natural locations or in midst of the west’s important archaeological sites.

World-Class Hotels in Captivating Locations

Those with a passion for the ancient world will adore the Villa Athena, a five-star hotel that’s actually set in the heart of the archaeological site known as the Valley of the Temples. As you’re surrounded by Roman and Greek ruins, you can actually see ancient temples, necropolises and civic buildings from the terrace of the hotel’s elegant restaurant.

As well as the simply stunning and historic environment that you can only find in Sicily, holidays in the hotel’s five-star facilities include quality time at the lavish wellness centre and in beautiful gardens with olive groves.

If you love gorgeous landscapes or would like to learn more about the winemaking traditions of the island, then where better to stay than in the heart of the Marsala country? The Relais Baglio Oneto is a luxury hotel set in a restored Moorish-style farmhouse in Marsala.

Looking out over vineyards and olive groves towards the sea, the Relais Baglio Oneto is a haven of tranquillity. What’s more, it has a restaurant that celebrates the exquisite flavours and ingredients of the region.

Seeing the Sights

Of course, there is plenty to see in the west of Siciliy beyond your luxury accommodation (if you can tear yourself away, that is). For those who are hungry to explore this relatively unknown region, here are just a few of the many sights to see.

·         The Marsala Salt Pans  Often home to flocks of flamingos that migrate here from Northern Africa, this strange, otherworldly landscape is fascinating to explore.

·         Stagnone – Situated north of Marsala, you’ll find Italy’s biggest lagoon, which is part of the Salt Pans. It is a protected natural environment, making it a great place for bird watching.

·         Scaladei Turchi – Literally translated as the ‘Turkish Steps’, these white cliffs, which are close to the Valley of the Temples, are a simply stunning sight. If the weather is hot, make your way down the cliffs to the beach below for a refreshing swim.

Thanks to the stunning landscapes, beautiful coastline and rich history in the west of Sicily, holidays here have many special and historic surprises in store for visitors.  

John Dixon is an experienced world traveller and the Managing Director of Prestige Holidays. For over 30 years, he has been providing luxury Sicily holidays, as well as holidays to Bermuda, Lanzarote and many other destinations around the globe. John tries to visit each of the destinations regularly in order to ensure the quality of his properties, and stay up-to-date about the latest local news and events. He has a taste for the finer things in life and has an interest in arts, history and culture.

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