Unique Learning Experiences At London Zoo

London Zoo school tripscan be fantastic fun for pupils and a great way to reward their hard work, but these trips can also be highly valuable in terms of teaching them about wildlife and conservation. This is particularly true when you arrange for them to stay overnight in the BUGS (Biodiversity Underpinning Global Survival) house. This very special sleepover allows pupils to explore the environment after hours and provides them with an insight into what they can do to protect the planet, the challenges that animals currently face and the value of conservation. These important lessons will encourage the pupils to think about wildlife on a deeper level.




London Zoo is much more than just a popular attraction filled with unique animals – it has been educating society for well over 100 years. London Zoo school trips can involve workshops that are linked to the national curriculum for all age groups. These include:


·         Primary school lessons on endangered species, camouflage, bones, habitats, lifecycles and more. These lessons involve meeting a variety of animals and showing how the students can do their part to save the planet.


·         Secondary school workshops on climate change, animal behaviour, wildlife under threat, conservation and other important topics.


·         Special need classes can be arranged and are bespoke for a valuable experience for the group.


These workshops are all highly educational but presented in lighthearted, fun and interactive fashion.




This biodiversity and conservation exhibit is an incredible learning experience that is both fun and educational. The experience begins with a Q&A session with a dedicated host before getting up close to one of the zoo’s residents. Students can then enjoy an amazing torchlit tour of the facilities – this allows them to see a different side to the zoo once all the keepers have gone home for the night and is sure to be a highlight for the group.


There are then several activities in the evening before settling down for the night. The accommodation can sleep up to 60 people with designated areas in the BUGS house, so there is no need for sleeping bags. The rooms are shared with a range of invertebrates (behind glass!) for a unique experience. Early in the morning, the group can enjoy the exhibitions before the doors open and then spend the rest of the day exploring.


London Zoo school trips will always be popular with youngsters, but the special BedBUGS experience is something that they will cherish forever. In addition to providing a different view of the facility, it will also educate them on hugely important issues and show how they can make a difference to the world that we share with the zoo’s residents.

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