5 Top Tree Tents That Will Rock Your Next Camping Trip

If you’re a keen camper and love to push yourself that extra mile to get an amazing adrenaline rush, then Tree Tents may be just what you’ve been looking for. Sleep high above the ground in secure tree-top tents that will offer some amazing views, as well as keep you safe from any wild animals prowling about! These one-of-a-kind creations are perfect for camping, fishing and hunting trips and will add that extra bit of excitement to your adventures in the wilderness!

Here are some of the best options on the market.

Nubé Hammock Shelter

We’re slightly pushing the definition of “tent” here, but this hammock shelter has everything you’ll need for a unique and secure night’s sleep. Its storage area can hold up to 200 pounds worth of your stuff, which is a lot niftier than your bog-standard hammock. It’s made of a weather-resistant, breathable material so your belongings (and you!) will be kept nice and dry, plus it weighs a tiny 2.24 pounds, which means carrying it around will be no sweat.

Aelph Alpha

If you’re a long-distance hiker, you’ll know that the weight and ease of your tent are the two most important factors. The Aelph Alpha is the perfect solution, weighing between 4 and 5 pounds and able to be erected within a matter of seconds. Just what you want after a long day of hiking!

The Tentsile Stingray

This fantastic bit of kit is ideal for group camping holidays. Not only does it sleep three people, but it can also expand to house more – what’s more, it can be connected to other stingrays to form a network of tents for all of your fellow campers! The hatch in the floor makes for easy climbs in and out.


If you’re camping with kids, this tent will provide peace of mind in ensuring their safety, as well as providing a lot of fun! The Treepee is attached to the ground to keep it secure and also has a floor that’s bouncy like a trampoline, which will keep the little ones (and the adults, to be fair!) entertained until bedtime.

Luminair Spherical Tent

We’ve saved the best ‘til last with this tent of your childhood dreams. Made from steel and wood and covered with a handwoven canvas, this bit of equipment is strong and sturdy. It also has 2 beds, a woodstove, water storage and a skylight, and renewable electricity for those who need it! You’ll happily see yourself living here after spending the night.

Keeping Safe

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