Australia’s Most Dangerous Animals & How To Spot Them

The Land Down Under is wild, beautiful and a fantastic place for adventure. It is also home to a few of the most dangerous animals and venomous creepy-crawlies on the planet! These creatures are certainly fascinating to read about, watch on television or see in a safe environment, but you do not want to tangle with them in their natural habitat!

Whilst animal experts state that the fear of these creatures attacking humans is overblown and that you should worry more about the Australian traffic, it is still essential that you are aware of them and how to avoid them. It is also important that you take out travel insurance for Australia before setting off - better to be safe than sorry!

Australia’s Most Dangerous Creatures

The Australian Museum in Sydney uses an official ranking system for the country’s most dangerous creatures and how likely you are to encounter them in the wild. Here are a few of the top rankers and how to avoid them:

Bull Sharks

These impressive yet terrifying apex predators score an 8/10 from the Australian Museum. They are most commonly seen in estuaries, harbours and rivers and are known to lurk in shallow Aussie waters. Great White Sharks often get the most attention, but the bull shark is perhaps the deadliest species of shark on Earth. They have an unfortunate history of attacking humans even when unprovoked.

The best way to avoid bull sharks is to seek advice from the locals (never swim where locals do not swim). As a general rule, you should never stray too far from the shore and only swim in daylight.

Box Jellyfish

Scoring an imposing 10/10, the deadly box jellyfish uses venom designed to paralyse fish. When a human is stung, a heavy dose could result in a fatal heart attack whilst lower doses can impact your breathing and movement.

The box jellyfish show up in northern Australia during the summer months and can be difficult to spot as they come to the shore to breed in muddy waters. They have four corners and tentacles that can spread over 2 metres, so keep a look out, listen to locals and avoid the waters if you are unsure!

Eastern Brown Snake

Another 8/10 creature to avoid. The Eastern Brown Snake is found throughout Australia and this makes it the deadliest snake in the land. A bite will require immediate attention as it can lead to uncontrollable bleeding and paralysis.

Keep in mind that they are scared of you and they are nervy creatures, so simply do not go near one if you encounter them in the wild and they will slither away.

Due to Australia being home to many dangerous creatures like the ones listed above, any Jetsetter will need to obtain special travel insurance for Australia. This will give you the protection and peace of mind that you need to make the most out of your Australian adventure. Contact the Let’s Go Insure team today to arrange your travel insurance for Australia and get set for a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

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