Discover The Wintery Wonders Of Dorset

A holiday in Dorset is full of warm sunny days on sandy beaches surrounded by other sun-seekers. But there is another side to this beautiful coastal town that begs to be seen. The winter months transforms the rocky cliffs and sandy beaches into an otherworldly winter wonderland waiting to be explored.  Out of season Dorset caravan parks offer quiet, cosy bases to call home while you venture off to experience all that the town and surrounding countryside have to offer in the off season.  

Cosy Accommodation

There are a variety of places to stay, many of which are located within good proximity to a number of activities and adventures. Although camping, or even Glamping can be fun in the summer, you may find that the colder temperatures leave you shivering and wishing for a warm bed. This is where the Dorset caravan parks can provide ideal altern ative accommodation during the chillier months. The caravans are warm, cosy, cost effective and are usually close to stunningly beautiful views of the coast.

Adventures by Day

Fossil Hunting – There is no better time to comb the beaches for fossils than during the frosty months in this region. Caravan parks located right near the craggy cliffs provide accommodation that allows you to simply step out your front door and on to the beach to scan for treasures up and down the epic Jurassic Coastline. The beach between Charmouth and Lyme Regis offers up an extraordinary number of fossils to be found that have been washed up by the season’s storms. Nowhere else provides you the opportunity to take home a souvenir that may be over 185 million years old!

Adventures by Night

The cold nights and minimal light pollution create a beautiful canvas for stargazing in Dorset. Caravan parks are ideally situated for what will probably be one of the most memorable experiences during a holiday at the coast. With little distracting background light the sky at night is crisp and clear. Orion’s Belt and The Plough are an incredible sight to be seen and if a meteor shower occurs you’ll be in for a mesmerising and awe-inspiring show of a lifetime.

Into the Great Outdoors

For any budding ornithologists, or even those with just a mild interest, it is well worth taking a day to go birdwatching. An amazing number of rare species visit every winter and it is thrilling to be in the right place at the right time for unique spotting opportunities only to be found in Dorset. Caravan parks usually have information centres that can provide visitors with directions as to where to go and what to look for.

Head out for a day at Poole Harbour and Brownsea Island for up-close spotting of wildfowl and waders, or Upton Heath for sightings of rare heathland birds including the elusive Dartford warbler. Finish your day of birdwatching at any one of the local lovely pubs and soak up the warm and cosy atmosphere, fill up on the delicious food and sample local brews.

A Unique Winter Holiday

This county offers amazingly versatile holidays at any time of the year. The place you know and love from the warm summer transforms into a beautiful, almost ethereal landscape come winter. The experiences and adventures to be had in the colder months are completely different from those to be found in the summer and yet each one is intrinsically Dorset. Caravan parks are still great places for your holiday as they are generally less crowded but still as convenient and comfortable for a family as ever. So don’t dismiss the Dorset coastline simply due to the lack of warm weather! A unique chilly adventure awaits you at the winter seaside.

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