Best New Year’s Eve Destinations In The World

Get on board New Year’s Eve cruises in Sydney and experience the grandeur of an NYE celebration.

Let us wish everyone a happy, prosperous New Year and embrace the new day with new hopes and new resolutions for the rest of the days. What about celebrating it somewhere far away from your space, maybe to another country?! Let us visit, discover, and explore the world, its promising beauty and some amazing set of people. Here goes the list of places where you can visit to add that extra fun on your holiday. Let the happy little things and new taste help you to begin a new chapter in colour and vigour. 

Sydney, Australia

Sydney Harbour housing the two iconic landmarks such as the Harbour Bridge and Opera House is quite popular as one of the most desired destinations on New Year’s Eve. You can see the world’s biggest and exorbitant celebration in the harbour that only gets bigger in time. Try to spot one of the best New Year’s Eve cruises from the world-class cruising restaurants in the harbour. There are many vessels such as an authentic paddlewheeler with wrap-around verandah featuring a one hour cabaret show, an ultra-modern catamaran with panoramic windows and expansive outer decks, or a premium glass boat vessel offering unobstructed view. You will be mesmerised in the view of the visually arresting pyrotechnic projections and illuminated city skyline. Enjoy restaurant quality dining with amazing views. You will also be provided with freshly prepared dinner and drinks along with entertainment. Enjoy everything with an all-inclusive package and capture some stunning photographs in the background. Hop on board one of the sought-after New Year’s Eve cruises in Sydney and spend a great time with energy and enthusiasm.

Las Vegas, USA

As you all know, Las Vegas can be seen as one of the most visited tourist destinations on New Year’s Eve. I know, there will be no one ever dreaming about spending at least a day in Las Vegas. From New Year’s Eve celebrations to wild bachelor’s parties, Las Vegas can be seen as one of the best destinations for a party or celebration. Las Vegas can also be identified as a location where everyone irrespective of their age can celebrate and have fun. But the place is more than just gambling and partying. You can find many interesting things and contrasting entertainment programmes in Las Vegas. If you are looking for a perfect spot to have fun and enjoyment with your boys or girls, then try to grab a ticket for one of the best casinos in Vegas. You can find tons of casinos providing free alcohol to its players. Just drink and play with your friends and hit two birds in one stone. Dare not to miss out the nightlife, lively bars, and famous DJ at the clubs. 

Paris, France

I know, you might be enchanted reading ‘Paris’. It would be great if you can get into Paris with your partner to celebrate this upcoming New Year’s Eve. Paris is the capital and most populated city in the French Republic. Experience the overwhelming energy and passion of Paris and get consumed by its charm. Learn about the history and culture of Paris including the world-famous Hundred Year’s War. Discover who Joan of Arc is and explore the hidden and untold stories. Definitely, Paris is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Paris has an oceanic climate and you can experience all four seasons in full. Paris can also be recognised as the birthplace of haute cuisine and one of the expensive cities in the frontline of culinary innovations and techniques. Try to taste some local and international cuisines and try not to forget visiting some classic bistros whilst visiting Paris.  

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