5 Things You Didn’t Know About Bermuda

Did you know that Bermuda is not more than 650 miles off the east coast of the United States? And yet, we know very little about the island.

Did you know that Bermuda is not more than 650 miles off the east coast of the United States? And yet, we know very little about the island. Here are ten things we bet you didn’t know about Bermuda.
- People drive on the wrong side of the road:

Well, it’s not the wrong side per se, because the practice of driving on the left side of the road is as ancient as the Romans. Archeologists have discovered evidence that the Romans drove their carts and wagons on the left. Coming back to recent times, many countries that were once British colonies still continue to drive on the left. Bermuda, being the oldest remaining British Overseas Territory carries on with the traditions followed in Her Majesty’s country.

- Bermuda is home to pink sand beaches:

The pink sand on the shores of some of Bermuda’s beaches make them the most unique in the world. But why are they pink? This could be due to the abundance of microorganisms called ‘foraminifera’ (aka forams) that grow under some of Bermuda’s coral reefs. When the forams die and are eroded, they mix with other sea debris. When washed ashore, they mix with sand to take a pink hue.

- You can’t rent a car in Bermuda!

But you can rent mopeds and scooters, though! Bermuda is a group of tiny and large islands. It would be practically impossible for the government to manage traffic caused by the thousands of tourists driving through narrow, windy roads. Car driving is limited to those holding a Bermudian driving license; obviously, tourists are not allowed to obtain one.

- The odd –shaped roofs in Bermudian houses serve a purpose:

Bermuda does not have access to fresh water and rely on rainfall to fill up the water tanks. In fact, they don’t have a public water system! The white stepped roofs slow down the flow of water and passed through gutters to be stored in tanks under a house. These roofs are made from limestone and hence strong enough to resist the strong hurricane winds. The lime –mortar used to paint these roofs has anti-bacterial properties, thereby purifying the water.

- Tough luck if you’re craving fast food, coz. Bermuda has none:

Technically speaking, Bermuda does not allow foreign fast food chains; which means, you can still buy burgers or sandwiches from small local eateries – although they’re far and few between. The only exception to the no –foreign –fast –food rule is a KFC outlet on Queen Street, Hamilton. Apparently, the outlet opened before the controversial law was introduced. But why would anyone crave for over –processed junk food when the local Bermudian cuisine has so much to offer?

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