Cold As Ice: Take A Leap And Dive Deep!

Untouched and untold kingdoms await beneath the ice. Go ice diving and discover these submerged worlds for yourself...

Magical kingdoms await the adventurous and the daring. Submerged realms that are ever-changing and teeming with life lie just beneath the ice... so what are you waiting for?

Ice diving is a truly exhilarating experience, which can be enjoyed in few areas of the world and only in the right season. Careful planning is worthwhile, considering that the journey is unique each time and lets divers witness dramatic and absolutely extraordinary scenery. If you’d like to venture deep beneath the ice, here are a few of the coldest and clearest places to do it.

North Pole, Alaska

Alaska is one of the wildest and most beautiful spots on our planet, and is a great place to go on your first dive. High up in the tundra, the awe-inspiring location of Summit Lake is the final destination of the sockeye salmon run in autumn. Due to its northerly position and altitude, Summit Lake is one of the surest places to ice dive in the warming global climate, with the season lasting from October to May. The best time to go is in April, which is when the water is clear and the days are longer. Be careful of roaming polar bears, though!

Hokkaido, Japan

Hokkaido is not only cold and beautiful, but is also the northernmost of Japan’s main islands. It’s a great place to go ice diving, as you’re sure to get a great insight into its wildlife. Before a dive, you may witness a sea eagle swoop overhead, and once you’re beneath the ice, you could catch sight of a spotted seal or a crawling Alaskan king crab as big as your arm. What’s more, it’s a good idea to relax in one of Hokkaido’s thermal baths after a long day. The diving season lasts from January to March.


If you’re a dare devil, Antarctica is the most rewarding location for ice diving. As many explorers have discovered, this icy continent is barren and unforgiving, but the coasts are magical, ever-shifting environments, teeming with life. Even the sea floor is carpeted with corals, anemones and all manner of alien-looking creatures. On your dive beneath the sea ice, you might be joined by a penguin or greeted by a bubble-blowing leopard seal. Orcas and larger whales are also very common in these cold seas. Antarctica’s diving season lasts from late January through March, and is only advisable if you’re a hardy and experienced diver. But for those who have the nerve and the thirst for hair-raising adventures, plunging into Antarctica’s waters is an absolute must.

Deep Diving Protection

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