5 Advantages Of Flying Business Class

When it comes to flying, the age-old advice about not mixing business with pleasure does not make sense.

Especially when you are flying business class. In fact, on some airlines, 60 percent of the passengers are business class. Here’s why you should buy business class tickets every time you choose to fly:

Priority check-in and other amenities:

Some airlines chauffeur business and first-class passengers to and from the airport. Unlike economy class passengers, you do not have to wait at the check-in line; you have priority check-in and boarding is a given. Have you ever entered a business class lounge? The amenities and luxuries offered to business class passengers match those offered by top quality hotels. Comfortable seating, private sleeping area, exclusive meals, complimentary drinks… the list goes on!

You can work while flying:

The best thing about business class is that you can work in peace even while flying. A majority of business class passengers are busy executives hopping from one corner of the world to another. Business class lounges, in-seat power supplies, in-flight wi-fi, and extra desk space are some of the common facilities that make it easy for people to work while traveling.

You arrive refreshed:

Unlike economy class, business class travelers get to sleep in a proper bed. From comfortable recliners to lie-in flatbeds, the specific details vary according to the airline you choose. After everyone’s settled and the flight has reached cruising altitude, the lights are dimmed to allow people to settle down. Flight attendants do not disturb you to take dinner orders or bother you about other issues. Flying business class allows you to get back to work as soon as the plane lands.

Mileage Accrual:

When it comes to mileage accrual, business and first class travelers have a clear advantage when compared to economy class passengers. They get to accumulate more points – around 200 percent more points than others flying on the same plane!

You get to meet interesting people:

It’s not just about the journey, but the people that you meet along the way that makes business class travel worthwhile. You could meet a potential client or meet a business representative who can offer a great business opportunity. In fact, most sales executives use business class flying as an opportunity to generate leads.

Thanks to airline consolidators like us, business class tickets don’t need to cost an arm and leg. We have been specializing in providing cheap business class airfares to our clients for more than two decades now.

Executive Class Travel is one of the best airline consolidators offering first and business class tickets at discounted prices. Passengers get to save up to 70% on published rates.

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