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Phuket is an adventure waiting to happen and a bucket-list destination for most world-travellers.

This picturesque island is filled with glorious beaches, interesting cultural sights and historic treasures.

If you miraculously run out of things to do, it’s just a boat trip away from many of Thailand’s island attractions too.

With so many things to get up to during your visit, planning is the order of the day once. Step one is booking your cheap flights to Phuket. Next, take a look at our hit list of must-do activities for your visit. 

Beach Activities

Phuket’s beaches are among the most photographed in the world, and rightly so. Take your pick from secluded coves, hopping tourist spots, or quiet stretches of silky sands.

You can indulge in snorkelling, diving or sunbathing to your hearts content and you have to visit one of Phuket’s beach bars at least once during your stay. These luxurious establishments offer food, live music, splash pools and cooling cocktails for a sophisticated day overlooking gorgeous scenes. 

Phuket’s beach clubs are often the scene of special events and parties, so keep tabs on what’s happening if you want to hang with the well-heeled. 

Island Style

Island flipping is the done thing for visitors to Phuket. Take a trip to Phang Nga Bay and indulge in a dip or a paddle amongst the sandstone formations jutting right out of the emerald water. 

Phi Phi Island is another favourite with its huge cliffs and beachfront jungle, while the Similians offer diving and snorkelling in crystal clear aquamarine waters. You simply have to tick Koh Panyee and James Bond Island off your list while you’re out and about. 

Shows and Entertainment

Phuket is abuzz with fun and activity when the sun goes down. Bangla Road is infamous for its after-dark shows, nightclubs and bars.

Take in the tongue in cheek fun of Simon Cabaret with its ladyboy cast or catch the pizazz of the Vegas Style FantaSea production. Both feature glamour, glitz and entertaining showmanship 

Cultural Endeavours

No trip to Phuket is complete without catching sight of the Giant Buddha and his smaller brass sidekick on top of the Nakkerd Hills.

The beautiful Wat Chalong Temple, resplendent in the reflections of hundreds of tiny glass pieces is a hit with tourists and also one of the country’s most significant temples. During special commemorative days, interesting country fairs are hosted here with delicious snacks and bric-a-brac on sale. 

To Market You Should Go

Phuket’s markets are a colourful extravaganza of sights, sounds and smells, day and night. Here you can bargain with the locals over quaint goods, catch up on some curio shopping or just absorb the delightful mayhem around you. 

Old Phuket Town

Phuket Town reveals a host of excellent restaurants among its funky shops and architectural gems. Don’t forget your camera when you visit, there’s always something interesting to snap in this quaint village. 

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