Hiking And Biking The Tahoe Rim Trail

The Tahoe Rim Trail is one of North America’s most breathtaking wildernesses. Winding its way 165 miles around Lake Tahoe on the border of California and Nevada, this is one of the most challenging journeys for any adventurer. Passing through the Desolation Wilderness, the Granite Chief Wilderness and the Mount Rose Wilderness, the route also has plenty of variety to spice up the long trek. The best way to experience the trail is by hiking or biking.

Hiking the Trail

Although 165 miles sounds like a lot – and it is – the trail can be completed by hiking in a neat two-week period. The route itself is split into eight sections with each having good access to towns and villages around the basin, so no need to worry about running out of supplies. All you need is the fortitude and drive of a true explorer, and the trail is yours for the taking.

Hikers can start at any point on the loop but many begin on the west side of the lake at Tahoe City. This is a great place to begin and finish as it contains the most supermarkets and shops with the best supplies. When you return to the city after two weeks and 165 miles, you will certainly want to relax in the great bars and restaurants on the lakeside.

Biking the Trail

This rugged and beautiful terrain can also be experienced on the back of a mountain bike. With around 80 miles of the trail available to bikers, there is plenty for enthusiasts to get their wheels into. Famous amongst the international biking community, with one 22-mile stretch being given the ‘Epic’ standard by the International Mountain Biking Association, the Tahoe basin is a haven for intrepid bikers in search of fantastic views and unique experiences.

Make sure to try out the Flume Trail, the most famous biking section in the area. Although not officially part of the Tahoe Rim Trail, this short run starts at Spooner Lake campsite and involves some crazy descents.

Equipment & Preparation

It is important to make sure you are fully prepared for an adventure holiday. Hikers will need to invest in good-quality hiking shoes and bikers may want to try biking trainers but it’s not essential. A comfortable and sturdy backpack is a must for both methods of exploration, with bikers opting for a special biking backpack for balance and aerodynamics.

It goes without saying that an all-action holiday such as this requires a bit of training if you are not a regular hiker or biker. Make sure you feel comfortable with travelling long distances before you leave.

Keeping Covered

For any trip to the USA, travel insurance is a vital companion. It’s important to keep yourself protected, especially on an adventure holiday where you will be pushing your body to the limit. Invest in comprehensive and reliable USA travel insurance and keep all your focus on the rugged scenery of this beautiful continent.

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