School Music Tours: The Why, The Where And The When

There is no experience that’s more valuable for music students than performing live. In addition to showcasing their hard work and talents, live shows are unique experiences that celebrate music and can reinvigorate a student’s passion for the subject. For these reasons, a school music tour is a magnificent way to develop your students’ abilities and confidence levels in a fun, memorable and valuable way. These tours can praise and encourage the hard work of the entire group – especially when you can travel to beautiful parts of the world, play in well-known venues and perform for fellow music lovers.

The Value of a Tour Operator

There is an awful lot of planning and preparation that goes into a school music tour, which is why it should always be carried out by an experienced operator. In addition to conforming with safety regulations and financial protection, an operator can save you a huge amount of time and take the stress out of arranging transportation, venues, accommodation and more.


Another important reason to use a professional concert tour operator is that they will have insider knowledge about the best places to go. The decision depends on the size of the group, the age range, programme and the time of year. If it is the students’ first school music tour, it is recommended that you select a destination that’s close to home, such as France, Holland or Belgium. More experienced groups may want to head further afield and bring their talents to places like Italy, Austria and even the USA.


As any live music enthusiast knows, the venue of a concert is as important as the pieces that are played. In addition to selecting the right venue for the group in terms of acoustics, you must also think about selecting somewhere that will test the students, but not overwhelm and intimidate them. Discussing this with your tour operator closely will be key in the planning stages, and they will help to choose suitable venues for your group.


An audience can make or break a concert, so it is vital that it is properly advertised online, in local guides and via poster and leaflet distribution. Many groups find it beneficial to tour in the summer months, during which they can perform outside and experience greater footfall. During the show, it is important to keep the audience entertained – consider including a few famous pieces that are well-suited to your audience and to the venue.  

It may be daunting to take a young group on a trip, but remember that music groups of all sizes and abilities tour constantly throughout the year and that there are always experts who will be happy to help with the logistics. Performing live is an incredible experience for students and valuable for showcasing and further developing their abilities. It could prove to be a pivotal moment in their musical career, and the trip is sure to create many happy memories for all.

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John Gardiner is the Managing Director of The School Travel Company, a tour operator specialising in educational travel for school and youth groups. Whether you’re planning school music tour to Europe or North America, day trips in the UK or educational tours abroad, you can trust the value of their itineraries, which can be ready-made or specifically designed to suit the needs of your group. 

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