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Talks about some best authors that I admire the most. Including their own works and success

Talks about some best authors that I admire the most. Including their own works and success

There's a lot of names to mention if we talk about the best author in our generations. They are everywhere; magazine, books, electronic books and some more on where you can read.Some famous books were adapted in movies. But, not everyone was pleased with that adaptation some would rather want it to stay on the books or stay it as it seems.Including myself, I would rather read them instead of watching it in the movies. Reading it is more detailed and all the scene is more precise and real. Emotions are more intact and I love the way how the scenes keep on running through your head while reading it. So interesting and exciting!

Have you heard the movies Me Before You? if you are then I'm sure you know who's the famous Jojo Moyes' is. His the best author when it comes to making a romantic, heart wrecking movies ever. Well, aside to Nicholas Sparks(he's superb). Jojo Moyes' was born in London in the year 1962.He created the famous books such as Sheltering Rain that was released last in the year 2002. Followed by Me Before You has been nominated for Book of the Year at the UK Galaxy Book Awards and it sold over 8 million copies worldwide.The books mentioned above was part of my list of the most read electronic books. I'm sure every reader have their own so-called "most read electronic books" that saved on their phone, Kindle or any reading materials.

I wouldn't be surprised if one day all the books that I mentioned above will be part of the most read electronic books in the year 2017 or who knows maybe even in the year 2018.  If and only if you include his books on your list, I would like to commend you for making the right choice. You wouldn't regret every second reading it. Lastly, if you'll add the Nicholas Spark electronic books stories you surely will love it too. He's also one of my favorite writers when it comes to romance, thrill and tragic writer. Some of his movies were really adapted in some movies. Calling all the readers who including them in your most read electronic books list. WELL DONE!

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