Doomsday Paradise

It's hard to imagine that all this information came from his subconscious-Lin Sanjiu remembered his state

It's hard to imagine that all this information came from his subconscious-Lin Sanjiu remembered his state when he was staring at No48 Even though all her attention was focused on the eyes of No48 even the eyelashes of the other side could be seen clearly-all she could perceive was that the eyes of the other side trembled back and forth several times rapidly and a rectangular white shadow was reflected in the pupils That's all Then what She asked moving her lips silently Because of the dark color of his pupils many of the reflections of Dyes and Pigments the words on the diary card are not clear Plus he didn't read the whole card I just jumped and read a few lines of words so the information I sorted out was broken and intermittent Like a preventive injection Hui Chuyan said in her ear word by word You say it Lin Sanjiu had long been accustomed to the change of voice in the middle of a sentence and the change of the character in the hallucination so her expression did not change at all-the people walking around her did not even notice that she was having a conversation Only number 46 She would occasionally glance at her Starting from the second line the words are PM 4 say and plan Even with early psychological preparation Lin Sanjiu was still firmly enveloped by uncontrollable disappointment for a time PM should be the time of the diary card 4 is the number of a person as for the words and plans it is not helpful to her That's too little information-what about the next line What's the next line Lin Sanjiu slowed down for a few seconds and asked again in his heart Only this time instead of the voice of Chu Yan it was Harry She was stunned and then she realized that it was an announcement broadcast to all the seeds "Congratulations everyone has successfully absorbed forty pure drops of water!"! Now please go into any of the earth chambers And climb to the top floor of the cubicle (Www MianHuaTang CC cotton candy novel) There is no requirement for the number of seeds in each soil chamber Please be in place within 15 seconds Fifteen seconds later you will begin the germination period and the seeds that fail to germinate will not germinate Fifteen seconds-that's about enough time for them to walk down the corridor let alone climb up to the top floor grid by grid on the edge of the grid All of a sudden can not help but a little flustered busy side complained "so little time is not enough!" " On the one hand they rushed to the three small doors in the hall Lin Sanjiu naturally had no time to ask so he lifted his legs and ran to the first earthen room where he also rushed and a figure wrapped in a turban It's number 43 It was only because he was the first to test the poison that he had absorbed several polluted water before they discovered the law Now his face was blue and yellow and he was panting He had only run a few steps down the corridor and his legs were weak China Chemicals Suppliers I nearly sat down Walk quickly Lin Sanjiu shouted at him grabbed the back of his neck lifted his body bent on one knee and carried No43 around the waist I'll take you into the earthen chamber and then it's up to you! No43 seemed to gasp for a few "yes" but she didn't hear it very well-because the time had passed for several seconds For a moment her ears were full of the wind that came in when she was running Running all the way into the earthen room Lin Sanjiu hurriedly stuffed No43 into the cubicle on the second floor Then she quickly climbed up to the top floor on her hands and feet As she climbed she looked around and found that there were only herself and No43 in the earthen room She did not know how the other people chose the earthen rooms Perhaps because of a few seconds' rest number 43 seemed to have a little strength now; and when she glanced back she was relieved to see the figure in the turban following behind "Counting down to the last five seconds five!" Harry's loud voice startled the two of them without warning echoing clearly in the earthen room At this time Lin Sanjiu was only one square away from the top floor and No43 was Food and Feed Additives still a long distance away from her feet Even she could hear the heavy voice of breathlessness clearly When the word "four" sounded Lin Sanjiu's fingers suddenly grabbed the edge of the top compartment Do me a favor please "said No43 with a weak cry that floated up from the soles of his feet" I can't climb any more " As soon as Lin Sanjiu gritted her teeth she didn't even lower her head As if she hadn't heard she jumped up the half-man-wide dirt road on the top floor with the help of her arms Four "I really can't climb any more" Number 43 was still clinging to the cubicle below her and when he saw that she had reached the top floor his eyes were full of despair though his mouth was still pleading and he shouted in a low voice "Please!" …… It's not so much that he's calling for help It's more like venting fear Lin Sanjiu's lips were all white Forty-three also knew that no one in the world would ever come back under such circumstances; his fingers were deep in the earth and he could think of nothing for a moment and his lips trembled and made no sound The countdown sound of "three" And a crisp "grab it!" It rang at the same time and No43 was shocked As soon as he looked up he saw a dark shadow fall from above "I'll pull you up as fast as I can!" With a roar Lin Sanjiu felt the slave girl's rope in her hand sink; if she hadn't stuck her foot in the earth she would have been dragged down She clenched her teeth and the veins burst on her forehead She pulled back the slave girl's rope The penultimate second so fast that it seemed to slip past without even blinking an eye; when Harry's "One!" At the exit No43's turban was already clear in Lin Sanjiu's field of vision but it was too late to pull him up

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