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Creating An Account


How do I register an account?


To register an account with, you must click the green cog in top right of the website your articles. Click “Sign up” from the dropdown and fill in your details on the next page.


I have registered but now it tells me to confirm my account?


You must click the confirmation link found in the email sent to you by us upon registration. Please check your spam box if it doesn’t appear in your inbox. This event will only be done once per account.


How do I login to my account?


Click the green cog in top right of the website your articles. Click “Sign in” from the dropdown. Type in your username and password and press the login button.


Forgot Password


How can I reset my password?


If you have forgotten your password, please click here and fill in the details required.


User Menu


I have logged in, now what?


Once logged in, a user menu is generated in the green cog in the top right corner of the website your articles. Click the green cog to see your usermenu. There are 7 links on the user menu, each having a different purpose.


Manage articles – This links to your article management page. The management page will show all the articles you have submitted and there current state, published or pending.


Manage ads – Brings you to a page where you can edit, renew, pay for or delete your marketplaces ads.


Dashboard – Shows you some basic information about your account, like the amount of articles and ads you have submitted, active and unactive. You can view your Author Grade and your overall Marketplace rating. Your top articles and ads can also be seen here.


View profile - Clicking this link will allow you to view your public profile.


Your account – You can edit your profile, account, view your fav ads and logout.


Logout - Clicking this icon will exit your account and log you out.


My Profile & Settings


How do I view my profile?


Click on the green cog your articles found at the top right of the website and click, “View profile”.


How do I modify my profile?


Click on the green cog your articles found at the top right of the website and click, “Your Account” > “Edit profile”. This will load up the editing page. You will be presented with some options:


Avatar: Upload an image of yourself or an image you own to serve as your avatar. This image will be shown on all your articles and will also be your main image for all your marketplace ads that your submit. Don’t use an offensive image or an image you have no permission to use.


Author Bio: This will appear on your public profile page, we allow two links, please read our submission guidelines becasue we do not accept some types of websites.


Social Links: Link back to your social profiles here by filling in the appropriate username or ID for that social network. You can link to your accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Google. Do not put in the full URLs, we just need your social network username or id.



Public Article Usage: Select whether you want to give or not give the public permission to republish your article on different formats even for commercial use. There are 3 options available:


Free to Use:
Free to republish, remix even for commercial use. Links can be removed.

Republish with Links:
Free to republish, remix even for commercial use. Links must remain intact.

No Republish:
The public cannot republish in any form but they can share it and reference it.


Select the option you want and remember this applies to all your articles on The license will appear at the bottom of every article you publish.


If no option is selected, then “Republish with Links” will be selected by default.


Hide Author Grade: Tick the box if you wish to hide your Author Grade, this will keep your Grade private and it can only be seen by you, when your logged in, on your account dashboard. It will not display on articles, ads, your profile, or any publicly accessed pages. The downside to this is that your profile will not show up on pages like the "Expert author Page" or any other webpages concerning author grade ranking.


Activity Insights


We keep a history of all the users who have liked or disliked your marketplace ads. It shows information such as the user, the users’ action, the ad that was liked or disliked and the time of this action.


Marketplace Rating


All the marketplace ads that you submit to Otherarticles can be liked or disliked by all registered users on the site. We also keep a record of all the likes and dislikes your ads have received and your overall score can be seen on your account dashboard as well as on your public profile pages. This score cannot be reset unless we find that your ad(s) have been targeted by unfair voting. You can use the contact page to report any suspicious voting.


Premium Account


A premium account is available to all registered users. It can be purchased here when you’re logged in. It gives the user upgrades like priority review, editor help and unlimited rows for articles to CSV download.


On your dashboard there are a few details about your account, here is what they mean:


Type - Shows what account type you have, free or premium.


Days left - If you have purchased a premium account, the days left before it expires are shown here.


Perk - We like to reward users who write great articles with perks. Currently the writer perk is available which allows the user to get their article auto-published. This perk cannot be bought, it is earned through submitting unique well written articles.


How can I purchase a premium account?


You must be logged into your account you can click the upgrade link found on the dashboard or in the account menu, or click here.


Can I purchase a new premium account before my current premium account expires?


No. You can only purchase a new premium account when your current premium account has expired. You will know this by looking at your dashboard and seeing how many days are left. Once your premium account has expired your account type will revert back to free, as shown on your dashboard.


Do you use auto Paypal subscriptions?


No we do not, all accounts that expire will have to be manually renewed by buying a premium account for however long you wish, from a month to a year.


Comparison Free & Premium


Editor Tweaks: n y
Guaranteed Rejection Reason: n y
Shared on Social Media: n y
Submission Limit: 3 Unlimited
Export to CSV: 25 Rows Unlimited
Review Time: 1 - 3 Days ~24 hrs

What is Author Grade?


Author grade is rewarded to authors who get their article successfully approved. Grades from D to A++ are available to all authors.


What is the point of the Author Grade?


It lets everyone know that you submit unique and well written articles. It also affects your profiles’ placement on the Expert Author Page, a higher grade will push your profile to the top.


Where does the Author Grade appear?


It appears on all your articles, as well as the on category pages, on you profile, on the Expert Author Page and also on all your Marketplace ad pages.


Benefits of having a high Author Grade?


The Author Grade allows you to have bragging rights as a top dog in the OA community as well as other lighter benefits.


The core benefits of having a high Author Grade lies with the marketplace. We have sections that allow authors to promote services such as article writing, article submission and link building. A high Author Grade means that you have the proven skills and are more trusted in providing a quality service, although it isn’t necessary, it’s merely just OA giving you the thumbs up in quality based on the articles you have submitted.


How do I increase my Author Grade?


By getting your articles approved and/or getting your articles flagged as editor’s picks. Out of the two mentioned methods, getting your articles flagged as editor’s picks will give you a massive push up the Author Grade ladder.


How do I get my article flagged as an editor’s pick?


Submit a quality and unique article and our editors may like it enough to feature it on the website.


Submitting An Article


How do I submit an article?


Once logged in, click the link called “Post article” in the top right of the website.


If using a mobile phone, click the green cog in top right of the website your articles. From the drop down menu click “Post article”.


You will be presented with a submission page with various buttons and text fields. Here is what they mean:


Step One: Select the right category please. Add your title in the correct format as outlined in the submission guidelines.


Step Two: Fill in the Summary field with a short summary of your article, this is important in seo terms, so make it unique and to the point.


Step Three: Write or paste your article into this area. Remember always paste text from word or another text editor into a notepad, then copy and paste the text from the notepad into text field to get rid of any stray HTLM elements. Please do not add more than two website links to your article, always put your links at the bottom of your article.


Toggle Editor: Clicking this button, found at the bottom left of the Article body, will allow you to turn off the TINY editor. If the text looks out of place or slanting to one side then turn off the TINY editor, as it may cause conflict with some older website browsers. Basic HTML knowledge is required to use this.


Image: Upload an image that you have permission to use. For best results use an image that will get the reader’s attention. Max 1MB and it will be scaled to 630px * 330px on upload. We allow the following image extensions: png, jpg or gif. You can also instantly delete the image at any time by hovering over it and clicking it.


Keywords (Optional): Fill in the Keyword field with various keywords that relate to your article, eg: cows, ducks, farming.


To Do: If you want your published article indexed fast by the search engines, you can create two or more back links to the article from other websites.


Submit Article: Click the submit button found at the bottom left of the submission page, to submit your article for review. Click the cancel button to close the submission form.


Adding Youtube Videos to Your Article


To add a Youtube video to your article just copy and paste the Youtube URL anywhere into the main text field on the article submission/edit page. Example:


The video will automatically be loaded in the article when it is being viewed by the public.


Article Dashboard


How do I use the article dashboard?


To use your article dashboard, you must login, then click the green cog in top right of the website your articles. Click “Manage article” from the dropdown.


The dashboard shows you all the articles you have submitted to whether they are pending, rejected or published. You can sort your dashboard by title, state, views and section/category by clicking on the corresponding link



There are some links on the right side of your articles that serve as your author tools, here is what they do:


Preview - Have a look to see what your article will look like when published.


Edit - You can re-edit your article in any state, but editing when its published will revert it back to pending.


Unpublish - Clicking this will unpublish your published article.


Delete - Delete Your article permanently (unpublish article to see the delete option).


Please contact us if you have any other questions that aren’t answered here.


Article Publication Notification


How will i know my article is published?


We will send a notification of article publication to the email address you registered your account with.


How do i know if my article is rejected?


We do send rejection emails to the authors when an article is rejected, but we do not send an email when the article is deleted. But by logging in to your account and checking your article dashboard it will display which of your articles are published, rejected, draft and pending. If the latest article you submitted isn't there or listed on the homepage then it has been deleted.


Will i get a reason for an article deletion?




Then how will i know what the reason is so i can remedy it?


All outright deletions happen because an article failed one of our submission guidelines, we only send a rejection email and reason if we think the article can be easily fixed. So just read our submission guidelines and produce or modify an article that abides by them.


Article Submission Restrictions?


All basic accounts will have submission restrictions. Which means that the user may only submit 3 articles within 7 hours of each other. Once the 3 article limit has been reached the article submission page will be replaced by a restriction message.


What can I do to bypass these restrictions?


You can wait for 7 hours from your last submission time or you can delete any pending articles within that time frame. Or you can purchase a Premium Account, which offers unlimited submissions.


Why are you introducing this restriction?


Hopefully it will promote the authors to submit their best articles and also it acts as a spam deterrent.


What if I create multiple accounts to bypass the restriction?


If we find a user who is abusing our system by creating multiple accounts to bypass the submission restriction, their accounts will be banned.


How do I submit an ad in the Marketplace?


First login, and then click the link called “Post ad” in the top right of the website.


If using a mobile phone, click the green cog in top right of the website your articles. From the drop down menu click “Post ad”.


You will be presented with the ad submission page, the fields are self-explanatory but if you’re lost here is a simple breakdown:


Title: Give a short explanation of what you’re offering.


Category: Select the service you are offering: Link Building, Article Submission or Article Writing.


Description: Give a good descriptive layout of your service, use as much detail as you wish. Don’t add html code to this field it will not work.


Website: Link to the buy now website or to an external shopping cart for the particular service you are offering. All transactions are handled by you, we just provide the advertisement service.


Price: The price you are charging for this service.


Expire After: Select the amount of days you wish to run the ad for. When the days are up your ad will be unpublished and can be published again by renewing it.


Promotion: Extra features to boost the amount of pages your ad shows up on and also some visual extras.


Click Save to submit your ad when you’re happy with the information you provided. You will then be taken to the payment gateway where you can pay using the forms of online payments available to you.


Managing Your Ads


To navigate here, you must click the green cog at the top right of the website your articles and click “Manage ads” from the dropdown list that appears.


Here you can edit, delete, pay or renew your ads. Those with a light red background color mean they have expired or were not payed for and will need to be renewed or payed for to get them active on OA.


User rating: This is calculated by customers leaving positive or negative scores for your service, if there is more positive than negative scores, the ad will be labeled as positive, likewise for negative.


Payment Options


Currently we accept payment through PayPal. A PayPal account is not required when making payments with Paypal and you can safely use your credit/debit card to make the payment.




These are giving to select users based on promotions or deals that we hold. The coins can only be used within our marketplace to purchase ads for a certain duration depending on the amount of coins you have. Currently 1 coin will get you a 1 year ad in the marketplace and 2 coins will get you a two year ad.


We will never sell you coins and we do no have a third party selling coins on our behalf, coins are gifted from us only.


If you’re interested in trying out our marketplace for one year, please contact us here about your articles writing, link building or web design business and we may give you a coin to spend. Make sure to check out our twitter for possible offers.



Using this website means you accept our Terms and Privacy Policy. Content published by users is licensed under their selected license.

Please be vigilant when exploring external websites linked from the articles/ads/profiles on this website.

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