Submisson Guidelines

~Article Guidelines

  1. You’re allowed 2 links in the bottom part of your article.
  2. We do not accept links that have been shortened, like bitly as these links can be redirected to a different webpage once article has been approved.
  3. Keep your article title in this format, “My Article Title” or “This is my Article Title”.
  4. Minimum word count is around 300.
  5. Fill in the summary with a short unique description about the article, its very important for SEO.
  6. Press releases must be submitted to this category only, press release articles and categories.
  7. Do not submit spam, lies, business or website mission statements.
  8. Good grammar and spelling is required. Spun articles stand out like a sore thumb, if you choose to submit this type of trash, it will not be approved and further more your account may be deactivated.
  9. Adding your small bio at the end of your article is fine, but please refrain from adding About me and Author bio type titles to the end of your article.
  10. Please don't be capitalizing words or sentences just because there your keywords.
  11. We love well written unique content and most of the time we will make it an editors pick, but that being said posting your article first on your own website is fine, but we do draw the line when the article has been duplicated on 1 other website. It doesn't matter how well the article is written, we will not approve it.
  12. If you submit spam more than three times your IP & account may be banned permanently


~General Guidelines – (Articles, Profiles and Private Messages)

  1. We aim to publish family friendly content.
  2. You can have 2 links in your author bio.
  3. For private messages, you can only sent a limited amount of PMs per hour. Please do not spam or troll. Report users who do this here.
  4. We do not accept ads, articles or links on the following: selling private data like emails (instant ban), scam tech support (instant ban), write my essay or paper, payday or bad credit loans, gambling, porn, pistols and automatic firearms (excluding firearm accessories & rifles for hunting), vaping/tobacco, pharmacy related websites or websites selling medical pills, some types of plastic surgery, miracle cure, Viagra, Cialis, contraceptive methods, over extreme religion, racist or hate and some paranormal type subjects.