Games to Play on a Jumping Castle

Jumping castles are great fun at birthday parties and if you have a young child then there are few things you can get them that will cause more excitement.

Jumping castles are great fun at birthday parties and if you have a young child then there are few things you can get them that will cause more excitement. Not only will they have a soft surface that they can jump around on without hurting themselves, but they will have a huge castle construction right there in their gardens sending their imaginations haywire. There are also a tone of different games you can play on jumping castles and if you want to make the day even more special, here are some ways you can make sure that they will really enjoy themselves with great games.

The Egg and Spoon Race: An egg and spoon race is a favourite on school Sports Days because it is so much fun. Children love the idea of splatting eggs and it's competitive without being too serious. At the same time though, running on a bouncy castle will of course make the challenge all that greater while at the same time cushioning anyone who falls over so that you don't have any angry parents with pitchforks outside your home.

Musical Statues: This is a very simple game to play that requires minimal organization. All you have to do is to put on some music for your kids to dance to, and then stop it abruptly so that they all have to freeze into position. The last one to freeze of course is out, and they then have to go and sit off of the bouncy castle until the next round. What makes this particularly good fun of course is the simple fact that dancing on a bouncy castle is a great laugh and sure to have everyone involved giggling away. Music will also always make any event more fun.

It: This is one the children can play on their own, but you can still suggest that they play as a way to get a few moments respite. Again they'll be chasing each other around on a bouncy surface which makes it a lot more fun and at the same time ensures they don't hurt themselves if they trip and fall.

Trampolining: Jumping castles aren't quite as bouncy as full fledged trampolines, but they children aren't quite the same professional athletes. They can still then have a lot of fun bouncing off of their behind or back-flipping on the bouncy surface, and by getting the children to score each other you can introduce a competitive element.

Volleyball: Volleyball is a fun and easy game that anyone can enjoy, and being able to bounce high into the air for an amazing spike over the net makes it all the more enjoyable. Of course for kids this is just a simple game that will be made all the more fun on a jumping castle – but it's one you can join in on too.

Imagination Games...: To be honest though, most of the times you'll find that you won't be needed an that your games are superfluous to their fun. Children have amazing imaginations, and just being on a trampoline will normally be all the stimulation they need to have a great time on their own while you relax.

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