Achieve Success in Your Professional Acting Career

Solid agents have signed a majority of Rod’s students and they have gone on to enjoy thriving acting careers.

Put the term “Hollywood Acting Schools” into an Internet search engine and you’ll get over 2 million results.  Using quotes to narrow down the selections still gives you over 4,300 choices of acting schools, universities, classes, workshops, in California, as well as New York and in several states in between.  If you’re looking to begin a professional acting career and wish to seek training, which do you choose and where do you go?  All of them, of course, claim to be the best and produce the most results.

Actor Rod Rowland spent his twenties trying to find the right the right trainers, but instead, wasted time trusting those who simply called themselves experts.   Their pompous manners and useless techniques never helped him win auditions and he actually felt as though he never trained at all.  He just wasted his time and money.  Even after he secured a few roles, he remained unsure of what he needed to do on-set.  

Fortunately, Rod went on to attain more roles and has since appeared in over sixty television series and films, including Grey’s Anatomy, Castle, American Horror Story, Weeds, Cold Case, NCIS, and NCIS New Orleans, just to name a few.  He never forgot, though, the struggles he endured, the time and money he wasted, and the overwhelming frustration and uncertainty.  He empathized deeply with actors still trying to attain their goals and wanted to give them the skills and tools he learned.  

Rod Rowland Coaching

Rod’s private acting sessions, which you can take online, through Facetime, or Skype, will help you develop your acting talent and allow you to deliver proficient, dynamic performances, whether it’s for an audition, on-set, or on stage.   Through Ron, you will amaze directors with your ability to take direction and remain in constant demand.  Because Ron knows exactly what to do, he will show you exactly what to do.

Rod’s techniques also help you memorize lines, breakdown characters, and effectively rehearse.  His methods are unique and taught only by him.  

Solid agents have signed a majority of Rod’s students and they have gone on to enjoy thriving acting careers.  While success cannot be guaranteed, the odds are pretty good with Rod!  If you bring your commitment, energy, dedication, and consistency, he’ll tailor your sessions to your needs and place you on the path to acting success. 

Rod is an American actor & also offering Private Acting Coaching who truly want to act on the professional level. If you are interested in private Hollywood acting schools please visit studio located in North Hollywood California. You can also book online acting coaching today Skype and FaceTime coaching is also available. For more detail please visit

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