Fleetcheck Launches Free Maintenance Service

FleetCheck are specialists in fleet management and consultancy and have recently announced that they will be introducing a brand new and free online maintenance and repair service at Commercial Show 2018. This launch will present Garage Link to the industry as a whole, but FleetCheck have designed this product specifically for small and medium-sized fleets who deal with their own vehicle maintenance.

If you’re a small fleet managerand are looking for a risk-free option to improve your handling of vehicle maintenance, then keep reading to see what Garage Link could offer your business.

Garage Link: What Does It Do?

Put simply, Garage Link provides fleet managers with single-point access to garages across the nation via an online database. Many of the company’s customers rent or buy vehicles without maintenance packages and then manage repairs and servicing themselves. This means that they cannot access discounts and other benefits that major operators profit from. Therefore, FleetCheck’s vision is to provide small and medium operators who use their software with some of the benefits that much larger companies gain when they service their vehicles.

Users of Garage Link will be informed of the expense of repair work upfront and know in advance what each task will cost them. Furthermore, they will be able to access FleetCheck’s discounts via the service, meaning that there are potentially large savings to be made by trialling this product. A single bill consolidating all maintenance and repairs arranged through the service will be delivered to the user at the end of every month.

What are the Advantages of Garage Link?

I am in favour of innovative technology, especially if it is provided free of charge! However, there is no point in getting to grips with yet another piece of fancy software unless it can make a substantial positive difference to the way a company is run. Ideally, any new addition will save fleet managerstime and money, and in the courier industry we are always concerned with vehicle safety.

FleetCheck claims that their new service could provide its customers with a reduction in spending of up to 30%, which is an impressive saving. Garage Link should be very easy to use, as it works with the company’s existing management software to provide fleet managers with centralised billing and pre-authorisation of work. This means that even if you only have a handful of vehicles operating all over the UK, you can find maintenance and repair providers in any location using their online directory. Having immediate access to thousands of garages across the nation will save time and potentially increase the safety of your fleet, as your vehicles can be serviced quickly and be out on the road again before you know it.

Final Thoughts


I don’t know about you, but I am excited about the opportunities this launch will give to the smaller courier businesses in the delivery sector! It will offer them a network of servicing providers across the country, so they can experience the beneficial buying terms and consolidated billing that much larger operators enjoy whilst maintaining their independence.

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