Nissan Redesigned London Taxis Surpass Expectations

Nissan taxis are definitely going to become a part of London in early 2015, and Londoners.

Nissan taxis are definitely going to become a part of London in early 2015, and Londoners, favoring clean air in their lungs and cleaner streets in the city, couldn't be happier. The redesigned NDE European model bringing Nissan taxis to London is actually made in London for London, although it is a close cousin to the Nissan NV200 offered in 2012 and sent back for a second try.

The new "Hackney Carriages", as cabs are known in London, will sport LED lighting on top announcing their service, as well as larger and defining headlights. The initial design has been softened and streamlined, although it will never be confused with the traditional Austin. With reduced Petrol 1.2 and electric drivetrain, this redesigned Nissan taxis vehicle will be a major contributor to a greener concept for London's air and streets from 2015 forward. London's version of the electric Taxi for Tomorrow of Nissan Taxis brainchild will definitely be a win-win solution combatting the pollutants contaminating cities and towns by vile exhaust emissions.

Acceptance by Londoners will be dicey at first, as they are traditionalists by nature, and the traditional Austin "Hackney Carriages" to which they are devoted are as typically London as Big Ben's striking the hour. Once the public realizes their gains in health and economy by enjoying cleaner and less foul smelling vehicle emissions, environmentalists believe Londoners will claim the redesigned London taxis made for London by London as a "smashing good choice", and worthy of being "copied by the USA" in the continuing global battle for being first in innovations.

In fact, the United States was vamping the band for a grand introduction by New York City for an iconic electric "Taxi of Tomorrow" scheduled for later this year, requiring every new taxi in NYC to be an electric Nissan NV200. Nissan was given a contract worth an estimated $1 billion two years ago, but the Manhattan State Supreme Court ruled against the plan. Supreme Court Justice Shlomo Hagler ruled the Taxi and Limousine Commission had overstepped itself with the decision, based on the same legal argument that doomed former Mayor Michael Bloomberg's previously denied campaign to remove sugar drinks from restaurants in the city. Justice Hagler ruled implementing Nissan taxis as a redesign contractual decision belongs to the NY City Council. The city's chief lawyer announced an immediate appeal.

Nissan taxis expected to provide as many as 26,000 vehicles as upgrades to NYC's taxi fleet over the next ten years. Consequently the setback by the Court is disappointing; however, a Nissan spokesman said it will sell the vehicle to fleets, and the Court decision won't prevent Nissan taxis' planned upgrading NY taxis with the electric Taxi of Tomorrow. The modernization of the world's environment must stay in time and tune with returning the globe to a protective green concept. Young buyers today understand that vehicles purchased must emit cleaner exhaust and not poison the air nor continue soiling the city streets and avenues with contaminants.

Great strides have been made to rid homes and work places of pollutants and allergens so that families are raised in more healthful and comfortable surroundings. This is a major improvement offered by Nissan and the motor vehicle industry in particular toward that same goal. Surely it is not expected that when leaving cleaner air in` home or workplace, our population will resignedly breathe and walk through increasing vehicle gasses and combustion leftovers! Implementing electric Nissan taxis in London and NYC will be a historical beginning to a better tomorrow.

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