Ram Trucks and Texas Rangers Announce Partnership

Ram Trucks recently announced a partnership with an organization that is a Texas and national law enforcement icon.

Ram Trucks recently announced a partnership with an organization that is a Texas and national law enforcement icon called the Texas Rangers. The agency is approaching its 200 year anniversary. As an organization, it has endured under five of the six flags that have flown over Texas. The Ram Truck Partnership announcement was made by Ram Trucks CEO and President Bob Hegbloom at this year’s annual State Fair of Texas along with a Texas Ranger Hall of Fame and Museum donation check for $100,000. Globally, the Texas Rangers lore is well lauded. The Hall of Fame and Museum is located in Waco, Texas, and the donation will assist in its continued preservation. In the announcement, Hegbloom described the organization as heroes in law enforcement around the world.

Ram Trucks is dedicated to the promotion and preservation of this rich part of Texas heritage. Chairman of the Board of The Texas Rangers Hall of Fame and Museum, Chief Hank Whitman describes Ram Truck as epitomizing the spirit and integrity that it has taken to make an organization like the Texas Rangers successful. He says that Ram Truck possesses that same reputation for excellence and endurance and that the organization could not be more pleased to be supported and represented by such a storied organization as Ram Truck.

The museum recognizes the storied efforts of many different Texas Rangers. These rangers reflects the broad contribution of all rangers and reflects every ethnic delineation in Texas. The Texas Rangers bear the honorable distinction of being the oldest law enforcement organization in America and in 2023, the Rangers will be celebrating their bicentennial. The donated funds from Ram Truck will be designated for the preparation for this event.

The Texas Rangers were founded in 1823 by concerned citizens looking to protect their interest in frontier Texas and the surrounding settlements and farms, and over the past 200 years, they have grown into one of the most formidable law enforcement agencies in the world. In Texas history, no other organization is more steeped in legend and history, and it is one of the greatest symbols for the great state. Officially, the Texas Rangers are a major division of the Texas Department of Public Safety. The rangers lead on public corruption, border security, and major incident, serial and unsolved crime, as well as, officer involved shootings. They have 150 commissioned officers with 63 individuals dedicated to their support. This includes an administrative staff and border security and joint operations centers, as well as, intelligence centers and a SWAT team.

The museum was founded in 1964 and established as the official historical center of the Texas Rangers organization. September 27th marked its 50 year anniversary. The center includes the museum, an educational center dedicated to nonprofit activities, an archival library, banquet hall and the Texas Rangers headquarters. Many activities take place at the facility, and many are dedicated to school age children in Texas and their Texas history programs, as well as community outreach programs. Their main website is www.texasranger.org.

Ram Truck was established as its own division of Chrysler in 2009. It has since become the most trusted brand of truck available. By becoming a stand-alone division of Chrysler, trucks and truck people have become its singular focus. The Chrysler Foundation was established in 1953 under the auspices of community outreach and development. The Chrysler Foundation focuses its efforts on education, youth development and charitable military endeavors, as well as, many diversity and multicultural efforts.

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