Body Hair Removal – Men Get It Too

Don’t worry. There are millions of men worldwide today who are openly concerned with body hair issues.

Not too long ago, most men would try to come off as ambivalent about the subject, like, “come on! who cares about one’s body or facial hair that much, right?!”

But deep down they probably sighed: “I do, I care.”

Men who grew up back in the 80’s when razor blades and shaving machines were top-selling products still remember that the must-have look was a smooth clean face- and a hairy torso. James Bond, Chuck Norris, Crocodile Dundee, even a wrestler like George “Animal” Steele – all of our childhood male heroes adhered to that code.

Do you remember how proud and masculine you’ve felt when you first started to grow facial hair?

Some had this happen at 14 or 15 years old, some even earlier than that. Little by little the delicate hairs start sprouting all over. Soon enough it became thick enough to make a little mustache or a partial goatee beard-remember back in the 90’s how goatees were all over the place, from famous musicians and actors to sports superstars? they all rocked those. But do you actually remember your feelings concerning the fact that your whole body was starting to cover itself up with this animal like fur?

As young males, many engage in activities and competition surrounding their developing masculinity- arm wrestling, fighting, sports, video games, daredevil stuff, eating contests, “who would ask that girl to dance” challenges etc. And of course, compare the growth of their bodies constantly- height, muscle volume, genitals and also-  body hair.

Pride in having body hair

Adolescents who have a high self-esteem might brag about their body hair. Sadly, there are always those innocent kids who become victims of mockery and humiliation regarding this issue. For example, if someone has too much of it on one body part of the body compared to other parts (this is very common in puberty). Someone with extremely hairy legs might draw some negative attention, or hair going down to the bellybutton would seem hilarious for some reason. Therefore, one can conclude that there is a wide range of experiences different people have with this subject.

Naturally, teenagers are concerned with more than just their peers—who of you can’t remember going to the pool and quietly chuckling about that middle-aged balding guy who has back and shoulder hair of a Chimpanzee? Or that lady at the pharmacy that has a mustache?

This way or another, the hair keeps on growing after crazy adolescence is over.

A good way to waste your time- experimenting with old hair removal tactics

Many young men are still intimidated by being too occupied with this issue. That is why they’d try the cheapest and most confidential solutions. The most primitive one would be shaving of course. No matter how advanced human civilization is, for some reason people still try to solve problems with sharp objects. They have a big date that evening or there’s a cute girl in the gym they want to impress and they want to look smooth and muscular, and fast! That is the reasoning of a 5-year-old. Needless to say, these poor hapless dudes will soon find out they are just teasing their body. Eventually, it will grow the androgenic hair even firmer and darker.

Others, who are in a relationship might ask their girlfriend to wax their back before they go on vacation together. When they experience the pain and agony of this technique— they can barely manage to complete the punishment. It is probably still stored in the memory of every cell of their backs. Afterwards, their whole back is covered by tiny spots for a few days, which is even less appealing than the hair that was there. To their horror, they will find out pretty soon that it wasn’t a permanent thing and barely lasts 6 weeks. Surely not worth the pain and humiliation. If women manage to endure this it’s only because nature has designed them to be more tolerable for such events like childbirth etc.

Let’s not even mention plucking, okay?

The modern solution for body hair- Laser technology

The Wikipedia definition of “body hair”— The terminal hair that develops on the human body during and after puberty. Terminal, that’s exactly what it used to feel like. But not anymore. The past decade has been a rapid arms race of new technologies that revolutionized most people’s life. That includes the development of sophisticated laser and energy based devices. These devices make hair removal much more effective and most importantly – less painful! Award-winning devices such as the Soprano Ice Platinum offer treatments that are not only virtually painless but also prove to be very compatible with everyday life – just go in and out of the clinic like it’s a lunch date.

Young men who are not caught up in the past prejudices regarding masculinity and older ones who got tired of those old, short-term solutions are all enjoying the benefits of modern laser technology. Each of them for their own personal preferences and satisfaction. Some do it selectively – either back, abdomen, shoulders, arms etc (mostly older men) and some get the full body treatment.

In conclusion, some men might still claim body hair not really a thing but It’s definitely a thing. A male peacock spreads his colorful feathers in vanity because that’s what nature dealt him. So does the human male need to show off something. In our case, we have a bit more choices available than the peacock, and we make these choices based on our past and present experiences. Make a choice today- get rid of that nasty back hair!

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