Why You Might As Well Get Used To Content Creation

I once heard this sentence that couldn’t be more true.

“If you’re in a business, there’s no way around creating content.”

Think about it, whether you’re in a brick and mortar business or an online business, you’re going to need to create content to put yourself out there.

What do all businesses essentially need nowadays?

A website, and a website has content in it. It has a homepage, an about page, and if it sells products, product descriptions, landing pages, and so on.

And if they don’t have a website for whatever reason, which is never good, then they most likely have social media accounts where they’re also creating content. Whether it’s text, photos with captions, videos, it’s all content.

Not to mention other forms of content like emails, books, reports, case studies, digital courses, YouTube videos, podcast episodes, blog posts, articles, and webinars.

Are you starting to get the picture now?

One way or another you’re going to have to create some form of content. Of course, you don’t have to do all of the things I mentioned. I certainly don’t.

However, I do believe that when it comes to creating content, it should be written by you, the one who knows your own business the best and is most passionate about it.

You may not always have time for that, and if you really want your business to be a content creation machine at a Gary Vee level, you can always hire freelancers to give you an extra hand.

Wink wink.

But if you’re really adamant about creating the content yourself, especially email, I teach you how to do that in How to Become an Email Titan.

I also know that when it comes to creating a lot of content, you need a lot of ideas. That’s why I also included an appendix that teaches you eight different ways to generate almost unlimited profitable content ideas.

You can learn all that by getting your copy of the sample chapters using the link below.


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