Why It's A Bad Idea To Publicly Share Your Business Income

A while ago, one of my former business coaches started her own podcast.

As much as I am a fan of the work she does for her clients, I have to admit, I don’t tune into her podcast too often.

It was just recently that I listened to two of her latest episodes.

The first episode was about her thought process behind why she quit abruptly drinking alcohol (She was a huge champagne lover).

In the second episode I listened to, she talked about why she stopped sharing her income publicly, which was the episode I found more interesting.

So let’s talk more about it.

Long story short, the reason why she made this change is because the act of her sharing her income attracts certain types of people that are not her ideal clients.

It would attract people who have more of a get-rich-quick type of mentality rather than the types of people who understand that business is a long term game.

And this phenomenon happens in a lot of different areas too, not just business.

For examples:


In my eyes, if you want to find a long term partner, I believe the place where you search for potential partners matters.

In my case, I am not the nightlife type of person. So if I plant myself in a bar, a nightclub, or a rave, I will not attract the right type of woman for me. And honestly, I most likely wouldn’t even want to talk to any of them either.


From what I read and observed, people sometimes attract undesirable friends for many different reasons. Either they give away their time like it’s air, they’re open to talking to anyone and everyone, or they are too easygoing.

But it all boils down to failing to set boundaries.

Going back to the topic of business, I know only a handful of business owners that set their boundaries extremely well, which mainly consisted of constantly mentioning them (By written or audio communication) and actually following through.

That’s why sometimes it’s important to briefly mention the type of people you’re willing and not willing to accept as customers or clients, especially when you email.

Which is something you can learn about in How to Become an Email Titan, a book that teaches everything about the fundamentals of email copywriting.


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