Observing The Phenomenon Of Complexity Bias

It's interesting how we tend to prefer complexity over simplicity

Over time, I came to realize something very interesting.

And that is our tendency to gravitate towards complex things rather than simple things, which is a concept known as complexity bias.

I’ll give you some examples I’ve seen from my personal experience.

When it comes to investing in the market, people would rather spend their time playing with stocks, checking their prices every day, and figure out how to beat the market, which is pretty much impossible, than buying some index funds and letting them sit there.

Or when it comes to dealing with problems, people will come up with hundreds of different reasons why this is happening and come up with a list of work-around solutions. When really, there’s only one or two things that need to be done.

Or when it comes to writing, people prefer to use sophisticated words and risk not being understood than to use simple words that’ll get their point across just as easily.

Or when it comes to marketing, people would much rather spend their time learning about and spend their money on complicated funnel softwares and hacks than working on the most simple marketing funnel of all:

Opt-in, build an email list, email consistently, and direct to a sales page.

More specifically:

When it comes to creating graphics heavy email newsletters, companies feel the need to create them through coding when there are email marketing softwares out there where you can do the same thing using a drag-and-drop editor.

Heck, even the email marketing softwares themselves tend to be complex in terms of features and navigation.

That’s why I personally chose to stick with Mailerlite. They have the essential features I need and aren’t cluttered with extra stuff.

As for email writing, I use the methods I teach in How to Become an Email Titan. It’s all basic and simple information, but can also do wonders for you.

Here’s the link to the sample chapters:


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