The Use Of Concrete Barriers In Perimeter Security

Perimeter security means providing protection to people and assets within an establishment and areas surrounding it by preventing entry to unauthorized intrusions.

Authorities use perimeter security not only for safety reasons but also to control the flow of commerce and immigration. Barriers have played a key role in safeguarding sovereign territories and private property since the Roman civilization. In the last decades, scientific advancement helped to increase the scope of perimeter security barriers. People have begun to use security barriers in all sizes to achieve multiple degrees of perimeter security for commercial and residential sites, retail spaces, and transportation site.

Concrete security barriers provide sturdy and cost-effective structures that can guard the inhabitants of a facility from any undesirable interventions. Here are some benefits of using concrete barriers for perimeter protection,

Site traffic management

Any site management team would give foremost importance to traffic safety within the work area. Concrete barriers can help them to achieve this objective effectively. If placed carefully with proper planning, it can enable smooth flow of forklifts and other heavy plant machinery within the site with complete control. Thus, concrete barriers prevent them to pose any danger to the workforce.

Site Security

Concrete security barriers can be used for both active and deserted establishments to keep the intruders out. They are widely preferred because of its strength and ease of installation.

Safety against illegally dumped waste

Unused or empty premises often suffer from fly-tipping. By installing concrete barriers, you can easily avoid spending money to get rid of them and any environmental issues that can affect your reputation.

Parking lot control

It has been found that unauthorized parking has become a growing problem in many business locations. In order to solve this, you can place parking lot barriers and obtain immediate control over the access to reserved parking space. It is a highly efficient and effortless way to prevent unwanted vehicle entry and ram raids. Also, concrete barriers require minimal maintenance and are capable of withstanding higher speed impact.

Construction site protection

Concrete barriers provide a high level of containment within construction sites. They restrain any stray vehicle from intruding the work zone. With concrete barriers, works can be conducted safely even in close proximity to busy roads. It can also be used for redirecting vehicles to other routes.

Concrete barriers can also be combined with other materials for adding supplemental or decorative features.

The author is a registered civil engineer with over 6 years experience in this field. She has a special interest in Concrete security barriers and has written many blogs about it. She recommends 48 barriers for purchasing barriers for perimeter protection. To know more, visit

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