New TMS, New Era: Introducing the Kuebix Shipper

In exciting news for anyone involved in courier work, Kuebix Shipper, is set to change the face of the industry.

In exciting news for anyone involved in courier work (from management and administration right down to the hardworking drivers themselves), logistic technology innovators Kuebix have just launched the first free transportation management system (TMS): Kuebix Shipper.

Since 2008, the software company has been pursuing a vision to build a cloud-based TMS that allows businesses of any size to gain more control of the supply chain "through enhanced visibility and predictive analytics". With the release of this software, that vision is realised. 

Transport Management Just Got Easier

In a nutshell, the software grants shippers unlimited management of parcels and loads by providing instant information for tracking, booking and rating. And if you thought that the news couldn't get any better, it can. Kuebix Shipper is not only free, but the software can also be integrated with compatible freight exchange platforms in order to maximise efficiency even further.

Multi-Modal Technology

The TMS is an exciting development for courier work and the overarching transport industry, with its developers likening its capabilities to the way consumers can rate, book and track on a travel website. Founder and President of Kuebix, Dan Clark, says that the company is offering the system for free in order to democratise basic transport management, empowering the shipper by facilitating a superior service that isn't based on the size of the business. Because the software is multi- and inter-modal, compatible with freight exchange platforms and includes tracking and performance management, it exceeds the capabilities of many existing transportation management systems. 

Once the cloud-based system is implemented, logistics managers have full access to its features within minutes. The implications for courier work are far-reaching, providing fingertip access to providers along the supply chain for jobs of all sizes and requirements. This flexibility allows for more leverage when negotiating rates and, because it is so easily integrated with other systems, it opens fleet managers up to a host of new sources.

The software empowers the shipper by putting them in the driver’s seat, so to speak. It increases a company's freight intelligence by reducing time spent following up third parties for tracking and rating, and negating the need to outsource these functions. 

Building a Global Community

As courier work industry leaders are already on board with this next generation of software, Kuebix anticipates the number of shippers that will take advantage of it to be in the tens of thousands within a short time. The establishment of a community of users of this size will increase the software's applications and allow users to capitalise on myriad supply chain opportunities.

With the ability to increase control, efficiency and costs, and work of existing freight platforms, Dan Clark likens the predicted impact of intelligent cloud-based transportation management systems to that of the smart phone in the current digital era. Just as the smart phone changed the way the world interacts and communicates, the availability of a TMS not constrained by budget is set to completely transform the administrational and operational aspects of the industry. 

Norman Dulwich is a correspondent for Courier Exchange, the world's largest neutral trading hub for same day courier work in the express freight exchange industry. Over 4,500 transport exchange businesses are networked together through their website, trading jobs and capacity in a safe 'wholesale' environment.

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