Meet Angela Martin: Scotland’s Transport Woman Of The Year

Scotland’s Transport Woman of the Year has been announced.

I have some exciting news for you: Scotland’s Transport Woman of the Year was announced earlier this month. This year’s winner is – drum roll, please – Angela Martin! She is a brilliant employee at one of the major haulage companies in Grangemouth.

About This Year’s Winner 

Angela Martin, 39, has been working at John Mitchell Haulage & Warehousing for over twenty years. She started as a temporary worker in container control and has since played an important role in customer service and workshop control. She is currently the company’s administration supervisor and oversees driver holidays, insurance, training and agency workers to ensure that the wheels of the family business keep turning. 

Her hard work and loyalty have earned her the trophy for Scotland’s Transport Woman of the Year. She accepted the award in front of 600 members of Scottish haulage companies at the annual Transport News Scottish Rewards presentation ceremony. In an interview, she explained that this award recognises not only her, but her entire team, and said that she is humbled to have received such an honourable title.

About John Mitchell Haulage & Warehousing 

It is not surprising that one of John Mitchell Haulage & Warehousing’s employees has been honoured in this year’s Transport News Scottish Rewards. This family-run company has a state-of-the-art fleet and treats its members as part of the family.

Established in Scotland in 1956, it is one of the biggest family-owned road haulage companies. It was created by John and Catriona Mitchell and has now been taken over by their son Iain. While the business started with a single second-hand Albion lorry, it has continuously expanded over the past 60 years, growing into a large fleet with over 125 new and fully liveried commercial vehicles. The company now works alongside a range of global shipping companies and international freight forwarders, as well as a variety of UK-based private businesses.

From their headquarters in Grangemouth, John Mitchell Haulage & Warehousing offers a range of transport services, including general shipping, bulk freight transport and container movements. The property’s fifteen acres of land also allow the company to store close to two-thousand shipping containers in a secure warehouse, as well as handle and pack bulk materials on site. 

Thanks to its efficient and high-quality service, the company has received numerous awards over the years, winning Transport News’ Scottish Fleet of the Year in both 1998 and 2006. Over the years, employees have also received several awards, such as the prestigiously named Motor Transport’s UK Haulier of the Year (2002) and the impressive title of Transport News’ Scottish Haulier of the Year (2016).

A Role Model for all Haulage Companies

I think that friendly and family-run companies like John Mitchell Haulage & Warehousing should be applauded for their positive contribution to transport companies’ reputations as competent and hardworking providers. Let us not forget that it is the invaluable input of haulage companies’ hardworking employees like Angela Martin that allows Britain’s industry to thrive.

Norman Dulwich is a Correspondent for Haulage Exchange, the leading online trade network for the road transport industry. Connecting professionals across the UK and Europe through their website, Haulage Exchange provides services for matching haulage companies or self-employed drivers with jobs in road transport and haulage work. Over 4,800 transport exchange businesses are networked together through their website, trading jobs and capacity in a safe 'wholesale' environment. 

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