How To Play The Pr Game On Easy Mode

If getting on TV sounds a bit too stressful for you, then this might be an easier alternative.

Being on TV is powerful.

You’re able to get so much attention in a short period of time. And if you’re on TV to promote your own business, that can mean a boatload of new customers. Just look at the businesses that got a huge spike of newfound sales after being featured on Shark Tank, they’re all perfect examples of what I’m talking about.

But it’s not easy though. It’s definitely tough, speaking from secondhand experience.

Back when I interned at a startup non-profit, the Executive Director spent a good amount of time developing a worldwide program called Planned Acts of Kindness.

To jumpstart the program, he invested a pretty penny into publicity expert Steve Harrison’s National Publicity Summit, where over 70 media representatives gather in one spot, and you have the opportunity to make your pitch and be featured on major media platforms.

I still remember the prep work he had to go through too.

He had to create, tailor, and memorize elevator pitches for every single media representative.

He even hired a stylist to help him look presentable during the event.

And when I texted him how the event was going, he said it was extremely stressful.

But it paid off in the end because he managed to get interviewed by Jack Canfield, co-author of the Chicken Soup For the Soul book series, along with other media appearances.

Nowadays, getting some PR for yourself and your business is a bit easier now because we are now in the Podcast Era.

Almost every business has a podcast, and it’s 10 times easier to get featured on a podcast than to get featured on TV but can still get you some new quality leads, and sometimes even new customers immediately.

You can literally compile a list of podcast shows you want to be featured on and send them an email.

Or you can use a service like PodcastGuests that will send you a short list of podcast shows that are actively looking for guests every week.

To sign up for their email list, go to their website:

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