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Flat Tire – Didn’t Show Up To Work

40 views |5 October / 2017, Careers/Careers by Jimmie Flores, C

When the day came ...

Driver Safety: Choose The Right Shoes

21 views |27 September / 2017, Careers/Careers by Desiree Michels, B-

Courier work for owner drivers can sometimes feel like a minefield of safety legislation and regulations, and keeping track of them can be tricky at times. But ...

A Haulier’s Guide To Jobs In Germany

25 views |27 September / 2017, Careers/Careers by Desiree Michels, B-

Thanks to our freight exchange app, it has become easier and easier for haulage companies to advertise their vehicle capacity. Signing up to a freight exchange ...

Post-brexit Britain: Delivery Work In Northern Ireland

43 views |27 September / 2017, Careers/Careers by Desiree Michels, B-

With Brexit making daily headlines, the Irish border problem is recognised as one of particular importance and complexity. With the UK’s exit from the single ...

Keeping An Eye On Drivers’ Optic Health

31 views |18 September / 2017, Careers/Careers by Desiree Michels, B-

When your drivers are out on the road for long periods of time undertaking courier jobs it’s vital that they are working with optimal eyesight. Naturally it is hoped that individual drivers will raise any ...

Hubcap Heaven: Get Into The World Of Wheel Trims

31 views |18 September / 2017, Careers/Careers by Desiree Michels, B-

Looking to give your van a fresh look? Are your wheels looking worn after years of abrasion from being on the road completing courier jobs? Fitting out your vehicle with a brand new set of wheel trims can h ...

7 Signs Of Being Bullied At Workplace

147 views |30 August / 2017, Careers/Careers by Sandy Dsouza, C+

Socializing at a workplace can seem quite a challenging task since you are expected to be professional as well as approachable and friendly at the same time. Hence, it can happen that senior authorities exer ...

Want To Get More Courier Jobs? Join A Courier Exchange!

111 views |17 August / 2017, Careers/Careers by Desiree Michels, B-

As a courier driver, you’ll know that expanding your customer base whilst providing the best service you can is a costly, stressful and often very tiring job. However, joining a courier exchange could be y ...

What Programming Languages A Web Developer Should Know

178 views |19 July / 2017, Careers/Careers by Sandy Dsouza, C+

Web development is a booming sector in today's world as more advanced technologies continue to evolve every day. This is one of the fastest growing career fields and there is no dearth for the demand of high ...

How To Find The Career That Is Right For You

62 views |7 July / 2017, Careers/Careers by Jimmie Flores, C

In fact, when I served as department chair for the School of Business at a university, one of my duties was to meet with students to discuss how the program they selected could translate to a good job. I’v ...

Mindful Team Engagement Can Cultivate Innovation

70 views |15 June / 2017, Careers/Careers by Luis Valentino, N/A

However, big companies continue to struggle with creating inclusive cultures and retaining diverse workforces. Why? Technology clearly has its place in the game. However, we believe culture change also requi ...

How To Successfully Market Yourself As A Real Estate Agent

75 views |8 June / 2017, Careers/Careers by Andrew Szalontai, N/A

Regardless of whether you are a budding real estate agent or have got 10-15 years under your belt, it is quite a daunting task to market yourself and climb up to the peak of your market. But despite being to ...

Numerous Job Opportunities for IT Graduates

195 views |29 April / 2017, Careers/Careers by Prashant Kumar, N/A

Information Technology has brought about an extraordinary change, as it has completely reshaped the way one look at things. The possibilities with technology are endless and it continues to grow as the socie ...

Build the Perfect Resume-A Few Standard Practices

241 views |24 March / 2017, Careers/Careers by Kristen A. Howard, C

What role does a resume play in your career advancement? According to ZipRecruiter (, a major role. A resume is your gateway to opportunities, the ...

New Career Path for Women in Eyebrows Microblading

146 views |23 March / 2017, Careers/Careers by Irina chen, N/A

Do you want to give people the faces they’ve always dreamed of while making your own dreams come true? Eyebrows microblading technicia ...

Six Ways a LinkedIn Profile Can Help Land Your Dream Job

124 views |14 February / 2017, Careers/Careers by SEO Bibek, N/A

Social media giant, LinkedIn, is increasingly becoming a reference point in the global job market for both employment seekers and recruiters. As a company that provides professional cover letter writers in N ...

Do Employers Want Video Resume

157 views |4 January / 2017, Careers/Careers by Abhisheik Dahiya, N/A

Video resume is the latest in today’s digital job market. And a question that comes up very frequently is “Do employers really want video resumes?” And the answer is a resounding yes. Employers love vi ...

Today’s Career and Online Visibility

435 views |20 April / 2016, Careers/Careers by josh, N/A

The Importance of your Online Professional Presence Practically every business in the world knows the importance of an online presence.  In fact, you have to admit; in this day and ...

Watch out for America’s Most Rewarding Career

447 views |24 August / 2015, Careers/Careers by Kartik Patel, N/A

Do what you love and you will never have to work a day in your life! These words define “rewarding career” comprehensively. Everyone has a career. But a rewarding career is the one that provides ...

Up The Food Chain: Becoming A Chef

624 views |4 October / 2014, Careers/Careers by Anita Bern, C-

Ready to turn your passion for the culinary arts into a career? Want to become a chef? Long hours, physical labor, and heavy competition don't scare you? You may be a chef material!Before you dec ...

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