How This Actress Took Her Career Manners Into Her Own Hands

Throughout the years, I’ve heard a lot of stories about actors and actresses and their career journeys.

There was one story I remember hearing, and it was memorable mainly because it sounded very sketchy.

There was a woman who wanted to pursue acting at the age of 15.

What she did was, went on Craigslist and responded to a listing that was looking for a young actress.

Right from the start, it sounded shady.

Once she arrived at the location, the person she was supposed to meet introduced herself and she had the woman read a few lines.

After listening to her, she was impressed and immediately wanted to set up a time for the woman to meet the president of the agency she represented.

In the same week, she was signed by the agency.

As the woman went on with her story, she basically said that pursuing an acting career is truly a tough journey.

You can go to hundreds of auditions and not land any significant role.

You can be acting for 10 years, but that only means your career has just begun.

So instead of waiting for people to call her back, she started writing her own scripts and was acting in her own films.

In my opinion, that’s a great way of thinking.

If nobody is giving you work, then create your own work to do.

COVID crisis took away your 9-5 job? Use the extra time you have on your hands to start your own side business, or start freelancing, whatever it might be, as long as you give yourself work to do.

But whether it is a side business or freelancing, one thing is for certain.

It’s that you need to have an email marketing system set up. Building an email list and consistently sending engaging sales emails.

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