5 Things Recruiting And Hr Pros In Dubai Need To Know

Outsourcing companies in UAE have been in the business for the past two decades because of the economic boom that the Emirates has seen

Outsourcing companies in UAE have been in the business for the past two decades because of the economic boom that the Emirates has seen

The economic growth of Dubai has resulted in the emergence of many businesses, all of which require a talent pool to run. Many companies find hiring candidates in Dubai a daunting task – this is where recruitment agencies and HR Pros come into play.

If you’re a recruitment agent planning to help organizations find the right talent, then there are certain things that you need to know as a recruiting agent/firm in Dubai.

1: Understand the types of employment:

This is plain basic research but needs to be done. There are various kinds of employment types available in Dubai for which you may be tasked to head hunt. Therefore, understanding the difference between public sector employment and private sector employment is a must. The candidate you choose may not be from the Emirates making it more important for you to check his/her compatibility with the kind of job being offered.

2: Get to know the Emirati Law

Ministry of Labor has issued a notification in 2011 according to which a private employment agency can only be run by Emiratis (all of the signatory and partners should be resident of UAE). Therefore, you need to be careful while choosing your own team as well. This is especially noteworthy if you wish to open a recruitment firm in the UAE as a non-Emirati.

3: Add foreign language

Initially, job letters and contracts used to be signed in English and Arabic only. However, in 2016, 9 more languages were allowed out of which you can add one extra language in the contract. This makes it convenient when you hire overseas labor or professionals. Do keep in mind to check his own language so there is nothing lost in translation as any error can land both the candidate and the recruiter in trouble – a little research and a filled questionnaire never hurts!

4: Know the Labor law

When you find workforce labor that doesn’t come under the umbrella of white collar jobs, you need to cater for the UAE labor law. This law is applicable to staff and workers employed by the Federal government, members of security forces, domestic servants and agricultural workers. Therefore, you need to know all the clauses of the law in order to find the right candidate for your clients.

5: Give your recruit an overview of Dubai’s culture

The UAE is a Muslim country and has a strict Shariah law. However, this information may not be readily available to the person you hire, especially if he is from another country. You can either put the clause in his contract or inform him about the laws and implications of Islamic law that is being followed in UAE in general and Dubai, in specific.

Outsourcing companies in Dubai, UAE must know all these facts because their business revolves around all these facts and details.. Therefore, it is necessary to go through the laws of the land when it comes to hiring candidates for your client. Research is the key here and taking outside help to understand these things better is never a bad idea. Taking professional help before the trouble comes your way is far better than when it is knocking on the door.

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