Advantages Of Hosted Pbx Systems For Business

If your business is struggling to get everyone together on the same page, consider a Hosted PBX system for the office.

Phone calls, voicemails, inter-office buzzing … these days we are all so connected, even at work! Communication is important in any business industry, but too often it becomes a question how to communicate quickly, effectively, and productively.

What is a PBX System?

To back up a step and break it down, PBX stands for Private Branch Exchange. A regular Private Branch Exchange simply refers to a telephone exchange system hosted by a third party vendor, usually a telecommunications service provider.

The traditional form of PBX is an IP-based telecommunications systems accessed via the internet, only available to a closed network - such as an office.

What is a Hosted PBX System?

A Hosted PBX system differs from the traditional IP-based system in a few subtle but significant ways. Functionality is largely the same, except with a hosted PBX, all the extra bells and whistles come standard.

In-office calls/buzzes, transfers, voicemails, call recording, interactive voice menus, and call queues are all costly add-ons when utilizing a standard PBX system, but are included with most Hosted PBX systems. Aside from that initial savings, the overall annual cost of a Hosted PBX system is much lower.


Because the system taps into your commercial business’s existing network, plugging into telephone jacks and integrating seamlessly, there is no need to install numerous cords or wires. Installation is a snap, cutting down the huge fees you would normally incur while setting up any sort of communications system. The only upfront cost is for the actual telephones, which vary in price.


Fewer wires, existing network, and hosted by a third-party service provider all add up to one thing: low maintenance costs. A traditional PBX system is typically located on site, tucked away in some back corner or server room, meaning that any issues will require a pricey service visit from a vendor.

A hosted PBX system is provided, maintained, and serviced by the third party vendor, rarely requiring a service visit.

What more could a Virginia business ask for? A hosted PBX system cuts cost both upfront and annually, while increasing office productivity. Contact your local PBX provider today to get started.

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