Wannalocker- Mimic Of Wannacry & Enemy For Android Device

A new version of Wanna Cry ransomware- Wannalocker attacked thousands of PC users and Android mobiles.

If you're an Android user, you're definitely interested. A month has passed since the attacks that affected more than 200 thousand computers worldwide, the virus 'WannaCry' seems to have taken a new form that would allow it to violate the phones with the Android operating system.

WannaLocker is the name of this new version that was discovered by the researchers of the cyber security firm Qihoo 360, was disguised as an APK file that offered users in China a plugin for the game 'King Of Glory'.

WannaCry Ransomware was quite dangerous to PC users around the world. The has affected more than 200,000 computers and threatened to steal information from their computers if a victim did not pay the ransom demanded. In the latest version of WannaCry - WannaLocker Android user requires the equivalent of six dollars in exchange for releasing user data, which can be settled via online systems such as Alipay, QQ or WeChat.

How Do I Know My Computer Was Infected?

Once installed, the virus automatically changes the background image of the infected computer while it encrypts any file with a size smaller than 10Kb or less. Plus, those whose name begins with a point or is located in a folder that includes the words "Android", "With", "DCIM", "download". WannaLocker requests payment of $ 6 via online systems like AliPay, QQ or WeChat. Moreover, WannaLocker first affects the MicroSD card, the files and finally locks the phone.

What To Avoid Wannalocker Ransomware?

  • Do not open emails from unknown senders.

  • Do not download or open suspicious attachments.

  • Have a backup of the information stored on a hard disk.

  • In the case of being infected, request support from the cybernetic police of the Public Security Secretariat (SSP).

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