Track Wife’s Cell Phone Without Her Knowing

Do you want to track your wife’s cell phone without her Knowing, spymaster pro would be a proven solution for you.

Has your wife behavior undergone a sea change? Is this something you have never experienced before with her? Changes in life are inevitable and many times nothing to be worried about as it is a normal evolution of every human.

Based on life’s experiences and observations, we all are bound to change a little. So, some changes are nothing to be alarmed about, but if there are major changes, then it could be something to look out for. You can’t go all crazy with the accusations though.

You need solid proof which you can get when you track wife’s cell phone with a cell phone monitoring software. Obviously, this is a huge step to take because when you take the proof to your wife, then she will know that you spied on her.

Depending on if the proof actually means they were cheating on you or just hiding something for your sake, or some other harmless reason, there will be a big loss of trust. You may recover quickly, but the loss of trust could be difficult to remove.

So, you can go through some signs suggested by experts to take the big step. It is not easy but necessary before you go through the decision to spy on her. You trust your partner, and now you are being forced to doubt that.


Reasons to spy on your Wife

Trust in a relationship is the glue that binds it together, but not everyone is able to maintain it. Your wife is behaving weirdly, but you still need a few signs to confirm if they even deserve your suspicion. Let’s go through some of these signs:-

  1. Perfect Memory

Can you recollect the news you were reading perfectly? Do you remember the place where you had your lunch last month? As humans, we tend to prioritize memories and forget them if we don’t deem them important.

So, if your important has a perfect response to your most queries and responds with details most will struggle to recall, they are most likely lying. These details are an attempt by your wife to deflect attention from their lying and convince you that they are speaking the truth.

  1. She Fidgets a Lot

You have to keep a few things in mind here. No one stays completely still unless they are a robot. It is completely normal to look around a little because of some hard to ignore distractions. But fidgeting and scratching a lot can be a dead give away.

These can hint at her nervousness on topics that are uncomfortable to her. These can be the topics that concern her lying and things she is trying to keep from you. If you observe heightened anxiety in her body language could also hint that she is lying to you.

  1. Blame you for Everything

Imagine asking your wife about a mistake she did, and by the end of the conversation, you are the one who is made to feel awful about it. Liars are often noted to do this. They will distort the conversation and turn around the conversation on you.

If this keeps happening and at the end of every conversation with your wife, the blames ends on your then something is wrong. You need to take a pause and try to analyze these conversations to see how this keeps happening.

  1. She becomes Distant

Being in a relationship means open with each other and sharing each others day with each other on a daily basis. Few things could be hidden if they feel it’s not important, but if this becomes a pattern, then something could be amiss.

If you think it’s been a while since they sat down to have a proper conversation with you and feel they have turned distant, then there could be a good reason for it. There is a strong possibility that maybe they are lying and keeping things from you.

  1. Constantly Angry

Common sense dictates that no one can be happy throughout the year. There are going to be dull days and sometimes without any reason. So, if you see wife a little upset, it is no cause for distress as you will go through the same.

On the other hand, if the pattern continues and they even get upset on the most trivial matters, then there is something hidden under the surface. The guilt or nervousness about her lie could be driving your wife mad with anger.

Best Spy Apps to Track her Cell Phone Without Her Knowing

It is not a comfortable idea for any husband to check the wife’s cell phone to spot secrets. These are desperate moments and Internet can be filled with multiple spy apps making tall claims. It is going to be time and energy-consuming process.

Hence, the selection of the app that suits you becomes very important. We are here to give you a brief look at the top spy apps so you can make your choice:-

  1. Spymaster Pro

Spymaster Pro is a trusted and reliable cell phone monitoring software to check the wife’s cell phone, and a loved one or your employees at the office. It is supported by 24*7 customer care in 10 languages and aims to add more soon.

It comes compatible with the latest version of Android and iOS. It has the easiest software access and is also the most affordable starting at 5.99$ per month. It also boasts one of the most accurate GPS.

  1. iSpyoo

iSpyoo is a mobile monitoring application to spy on iOS and Android devices. It allows remote tracking of the target device and has fairly easy access. Although on iOS, it requires the target device to be jail-broken. It starts at 17$ per month and is marred by limited compatibility for the latest devices.

  1. PhoneSheriff

PhoneSheriff is a mobile monitoring software for iOS and Android. You can remotely spy on your target device without being detected. It lacks some key features though and does not allow monitoring of Facebook, which becomes a huge drawback. It starts at 50$ for 6 months.

  1. HighsterMobile

HighsterMobile is a mobile monitoring software for iOS and Android. It remotely spies on its target mobile and stays undetected. It stays popular because of its one-time payment of 70$, but then the range of supported devices isn’t extensive. Plus, the customer service does not have a good reputation in the market.

  1. Spyera

Spyera is a mobile spy application to spy on iOS and Android devices. It will allow you to remotely spy on the target device without being detected. It has a fairly easy installation process. It has a decent amount of features but is marred by a huge cost as it starts at 150$ for 3 months.


Loyalty and honesty are required to build a relationship and sustain it. On the other hand, doubts and lies can create distrust in a relationship. If you have any doubt on your wife and then you need to check wife’s cell phone to confirm your suspicions. You can do it with a trusted and well-known cell phone monitoring software like Spymaster Pro.

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