Apple Watch Experience Is Extended To Kids With The Launch Of Family Setup!

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The United Arab Emirates has received a surprise from Apple with the launch of Family Setup on the Apple Watch SE and Apple Watch Series 4 with iOS 16.4 and watchOS9.4. 

With the launch, kids who don't own an iPhone can enjoy the communication, fitness, safety, and health features of the Apple Watch.

A parent's iPhone can be connected to an Apple Watch, and thus the kid can enable a connection with family & friends through messages and phone calls.

Instead, they can also show their feelings and expressions with custom Memoji and dynamic features like Alarms, Siri, Maps, and the App Store. Using the 'Find My' feature, it becomes easier for parents to access their kids' locations, all while maintaining secure and encrypted data. What's more captivating is the Emergency SOS feature. So, for the entrepreneurs who have their apps on the mentioned models of Apple Watch, it's time to consider some updates. 

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Want to learn more about the newly introduced model? Here are all features: 

  • Safety

The 'Find People' app of the Apple Watch lets a child share their locations with their parents for them to learn about the arrival, leave, and location of their children. 

Interesting, right?

Instead, Emergency SOS and Crash Detection let the children access Family Setup when there is an emergency, and the same notifications will be sent to the parents if their contact is saved as an emergency contact. 

Even more, the medical ID consists of information related to medications, allergies, and medical conditions. 

  • Connectivity

As family members have their unique Apple IDs and phone numbers, it lets them access various features, tools, apps, and communications on the Apple Watch. The Walkie-Talkie lets kids make and receive audio calls, FaceTime calls, share and receive emails, and craft a customized Memoji via the Memoji app to share the app with friends. If this is not surprising, kids can also make and follow their schedule via Calendar, handle their tasks via Reminders, enable navigation via Maps, and listen to their favorite artists and songs via Apple Music. 

As the App Store is available on the Apple Watch, children can also download some third-party apps. However, the apps they want to download are controlled by parents using 'Content Restrictions' and 'Ask to Buy' features. 

  • Schooltime and Downtime

The Apple Watch comes in these two modes; Schooltime and Downtime. While Schooltime in the Family Setup lets the kid focus entirely on their studies, Downtime allows them to mute all notifications. 

That's not it!

Parents can even set the schedule on their iPhones so the app automatically moves into the school time zone. These fantastic features will boost the sale of the Apple Watch and thus bring opportunities for businesses to grow while developing essential apps for these devices. Connect with the leading iPhone app development company if you want to integrate this feature on Apple devices.   

  • Activity

The feature has been improved for kids to track Moves instead of burned calories. Also, they can earn rewards for outdoor runs, outdoor walks, and outdoor cycle workouts. 

What's more? Kids can enjoy activity sharing while getting tailored coaching notifications, celebrating rewards in exchange for their efforts, challenging friends with competitions, etc. Moreover, the health app on iPhone lets parents view and track the full health of their children. 

  • Privacy

Personal data like fitness, location, health, and communication are encrypted in iCloud so that users can get control of their data. 

  • Family Setup

The feature ensures that other adults in the family can also take advantage of the Family Setup to send messages, make calls, and other essential features using a family member's iPhone. 

In a Nutshell!

Apple Watch Series is here for a revolutionized tomorrow. These features create a reason for entrepreneurs to build their own apps for the device. If you are left with enthusiasm after reading about these exceptional benefits, it's time to join hands with the top mobile app development company in Kuwait. The team of developers will help you build a top-notch app.    

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