Education System At Best Private Boarding Schools In The Uk

The best private boarding schools in the UK offer high-quality facilities for lodging and recreation.

The best private boarding schools in the UK offer high-quality facilities for lodging and recreation.

Boarding schools can provide your child with a unique opportunity to learn in an exclusive environment where they can develop not only their intelligence, but also their skills and interests. Many private boarding schools in the UK accept international and local pupils alike, with the latter called, ‘day pupils’, as they return to their homes after school, and the ‘boarding pupils’ or ‘boarders’ being the ones who live with host families or on the school grounds. There is no difference in the education system that day pupils and boarders receive, whether it is a co-educational or a single-sex school. In co-ed settings, boarders are housed in single-sex residences, where girls are living separately from the boys.

Private boarding schools in the UK are independent boarding schools where fees are charged when you enroll your child in any of them. Any student enrolling will need to fall into one of these categories:

  • Primary education – The UK boarding school system starts with ‘infants’ (children aged four to seven). After infant education, pupils go on to Junior school by age seven in Year 3 and goes on until age 11 in Year 6. 
  • Secondary education – This area is for children aged 11 (Year 7) to age 16 (Year 11). At the end of this stage, pupils must take the GCSE exams, the official independently marked examination that ends in a recognised qualification.
  • College or sixth form education – Higher education for pupils aged 16 to 18 (Years 12 to 13) involve formal examinations (A-Levels), which are also independently marked official exams to provide them an official qualification defining their ability level and enable university placement.

GCSE subjects and A-Level are a mix of the core subjects, such as science, mathematics, and English), and complemented by other subjects, which are up to the choice of the pupil. There are many different private boarding schools in the UK that offer a good selection of optional subjects at sixth form. The offers may differ from one school to another, but you should be able to learn about them through their website or with assistance from a boarding schools’ placements consultancy.

The best private boarding schools in the UK offer high-quality facilities for lodging and recreation. Their innovative learning styles ensure quality education and encourage enthusiasm for knowledge, curiosity, and motivation, while enabling a multicultural environment that can hone a pupil’s understanding of society. is one of the best educational experts and professional consultants in the UK. They offer vast options of the best UK, Switzerland, USA boarding schools and help parents throughout the application process of getting into the best British, American, Swiss boarding schools. For more details, contact or visit their website soon!

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