How To Become A Better Public Speaker?

Public speaking is becoming a significant part of everyone’s life.

Here are nine specific public speaking tips to help you calm your nerves and anxiety while facing a crowd:

Pay Attention To Your Rate Of Speech:

Inexperienced public speakers tend to speak a lot more quickly. Anxiety could make you forget your content or mix up some of the supporting material. This is because you want to get off the stage as soon as possible. Understand that your audience is dedicating their time and energy listening to your speech. It’s good to slow down by taking a deep breath and then convey your ideas.

Strategic Pauses:

You can employ strategic pauses to highlight specific points. It helps the audience reflect on the speaker’s ideas. Remember to speak slowly, powerfully, and pause when required. You’ll have more credibility and your audience will be pleased.

Pay Attention To Body Language:

Paying attention to body language is important. Your body language forms a large part of non-verbal communication and compliments verbal communication. The way you hold yourself, your poise, posture, and gestures can help to complement the points you share. Unconscious body language can do more harm than good.

Make Eye Contact:

Consciously try to improve your ability to make eye contact with the audience. Do not stay fixated on one section of the audience during the whole speech. You’ll fail to address the entire audience in the hall. If you are nervous, try and look over the heads of the people in the back row, who are far away and won’t be able to tell that you’re not directly looking at them.

Film Yourself:

Take a video camera and film yourself. Once you have prepared your material, record yourself doing narrating the speech. Review your performance and make improvements accordingly.

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