De Juan’s Chocolate Fig Bonbons: The Juan Autumn Treat

Bring some Spanish sun into your life this autumn with De Juan’s gorgeous Chocolate Fig Bonbons.

The days are shortening and the leaves are beginning to turn. Yes, sadly summer is on its way out and autumn is starting to make its chilly presence felt. It’s time to start thinking ahead, as with the changing of the seasons your customers will be on the look-out for something indulgent, something that will make them glow inside and chase the autumn gloom away in an instant. Don’t fear though, as I have the perfect seasonal treat, all the way from sunny Spain! 

Hispanic Heaven: De Juan’s Chocolate Fig Bonbons

No, they’re not a figment of your imagination, a teasing temptation that can only be found in your sweetest of dreams. These Spanish sensations are crafted by the country’s finest confectioner, De Juan.They are well-known for their innovation and use of a wide range of local ingredients, resulting in a peerless line of products that appeal to all tastes. Now that you know their pedigree heritage, let’s say Hola to their number one seasonal treat! 

Taking silky smooth dark chocolate and pairing it with freshly harvested figs would instantly result in a match made in heaven that would beguile your customers and have them coming back again and again. 

But that’s just the beginning.These dreamy delights are filled to the brim with a truffle cream that caresses the taste buds. And if you thought that was already quite enough to pack into one sweet, this wonderful invention has another trick up its sleeve! To add a touch of sinfulness, the figs are infused with a drop of brandy that serves as a rich, invigorating counterpoint to the delicate taste of the figs. With such a sublime blend of lively flavours, is it really any wonder that this seasonal treat has made such a name for itself?

Savour the New Season

All things must change, and as autumn encroaches into our lives your clientele will be expecting new confectionery that adds a dash of colour and vim to their day. This is no time for subtle tastes that will merely tickle their palate. And it’s certainly no time for bland Halloween offerings that are frightening more for their lack of taste than anything else! 

As I’m sure you’ll have realised by now, De Juan’s chocolate fig bonbons, inspired by the flavours of Spain, are the perfect solution: they won’t tease your customers, they’ll treat them. With an utterly distinctive combination of high-quality ingredients, you can rest assured this seasonal treat is going to be pulling in new customers left, right and centre!

Because the figs that go into these scrumptious delights are picked fresh directly from the tree, the bonbons will only become available for purchase in October – that’s the true sign of an authentic delicacy! So if you’re looking for a product that’s really going to make your store stand out this autumn, then our sales team can’t wait to talk to you about De Juan’s extra-special seasonal treat!

Angelina Moufftard works for hf Chocolates, established wholesale confectionery suppliers with decades of experience supplying sweets and high-end chocolates to retailers across the UK. Whether you're looking for a new brands to stock or advice on a seasonal treat, you can rely on her expert advice. Working with the most dedicated suppliers from all over Europe, hf Chocolates' great tasting and beautifully packaged products add panache to any sweet display.

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