Factors To Consider While Buying Frozen Foods Online.

Frozen foods are seldom known as TV dinner in Canada and US.

Frozen foods are seldom known as TV dinner in Canada and US. Additionally, it has serval other nicknames pre-packed meal, ready-to-eat, ready meal, frozen dinner, and microwave meal used all around the world. If we try to run down through the history of Frozen foods, it was first shelfed in the USA in 1940 when the world war II gave consumers no option but to survive on them due to exports and imports being highly affected. As generations passed, this consumer industry gained high popularity making it a USD 55 billion market in the USA.

In India, it commenced with frozen poultry and fish and now has a whole new spectrum of products to offer to its audience. In recent times it started picking up tremendous pace i.e. in 2010s.

The sheer need of a simple yet filling meal has given this industry a boom like no other.

In India, it has not only helped people prepare and consume instant snacks, meals and desserts but has also given the consumer industry a whole new and young market. Keeping various cultures in mind and the audience taste palates, frozen food brands have been innovating and trying to deliver world class quality products.

Did you know?

“The Indian frozen foods market reached a value of INR 124.06 Billion in 2021. Looking forward, IMARC Group expects the market to reach INR 306.61 Billion by 2027, exhibiting at a CAGR of 16.2% during 2022-2027.”

When you buy frozen foods online or at a grocery mall, you need to look at these below mentioned top 5 essential factors:

 1) Look through the Nutrition Value:

Each frozen food package has its nutritional value displayed making it easy for us to make a purchase decision. If you’re a diet and calorie conscious person, you are sure to firstly skim through the nutrition chart or table.  This not only allows you to track your calorie intake but also helps you maintain a stable diet.

2) Avoid Products with added Preservative, Color and Flavours:

We all know about the fact that most frozen food bands use artificial preservatives to increase the shelf-life of their product. But little do we know that these preservatives will do more harm to us than good. A brand that doesn’t keep your wellbeing in mind, is not the one you must choose. Look out for brands that vouch for no added preservatives. It would be a perfect pick if the product also claimed to have no artificial colour, flavours with 0 trans-fat giving you a healthy frozen foods option.

3) Clear cooking/preparation instructions:

A consumer is more likely to pick up a product where product information is legible. Frozen food brands need to clearly display the cooking instruction on the product especially when it’s on the shelves of a supermarket. For those frozen products that are sold online, preparation instructions are displayed making them available to the buyer around the clock. Watch out for product details, ingredients and cooking instructions before making a purchase.

4) Cooking Duration: 

Millennials are continuously on the move looking for quick, effective solutions to their challenges The growing popularity of frozen food acts as a healthy and convenient remedy for millennials along with Gen Z and the demand for the product in the coming years seems to boost. In the fight for more productive time, frozen foods slash down your preparing time and also your ingredient shopping before you start cooking in the kitchen.

 The lesser the cooking time the more probability of your package is picked up at the supermarket.

5) Check for allergic ingredients:

Everyone is not the same and everyone doesn’t react to the same ingredient similarly. Hence, for your overall wellbeing, we recon you to be doubly sure and go through the ingredients section on the package before making a frozen food purchase. In case you have a pre-known ingredient allergy, look for that ingredient and hold your purchase. 


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