Brighten Your Smile And Feel More Confident

One of the most innovative restorations of the 20th and 21st centuries is the dental implant.

This replacement tooth can replace one or multiple missing teeth. It also replicates the structure of a natural tooth. Therefore, the restoration is permanent. Not only does a patient regain his or her smile but he or can talk or eat with more ease too. 

How an Implant Is Designed 

Dental implants in Las Vegas feature an artificial post or root made of titanium. The post fuses with the jawbone and tissue. A single implant is made of three parts: the titanium post, an abutment that anchors a crown, and the crown. The crown is made to look just the same as the other teeth. 

Placing an Implant 

In order to place the implant, a cosmetic dentist in Las Vegas NV implants the root or post surgically. The gum tissue and bone heal around the post for several months. After healing, an abutment is affixed to the titanium post. This abutment, as noted, will anchor the crown. 

A Permanent Restoration 

You can customize a dental implant to blend with adjacent teeth and size it to fit into your current smile. While this type of cosmetic dentistry in Las Vegas NV spans over a couple months, it still will not disrupt your regular daily life. Plus, you will have a smile that is considered permanent. You cannot receive this type of result with a more temporary prosthetic such as a bridge. 

Other Cosmetic Services 

If you are worried about discomfort, sedation services are offered to help you relax. A pill is administered before treatment starts. Therefore, you can have the smile you want without worry. Besides implants, cosmetic dental services are offered that include the following:

  • - In-office dental whitening
  • - Dental veneers
  • - Orthodontics
  • - Enamel contouring
  • - Dental bonding 

Improving your smile has never been easier, thanks to today’s advanced technologies. For example, you can quickly brighten your smile with an in-office whitening treatment that can change your appearance in about an hour. Dental veneers can also be placed to whiten a smile or improve the uniformity of the teeth. The thin shells, which are placed on the front of the teeth, make it easy to instantly enhance your appearance. 

If you want to take a more conservative approach, dental bonding is offered to improve the look of misshapen teeth or fill in cracks or chips. Bonding can also be used to lengthen teeth that appear too short. Whatever your reason for cosmetic services, they can change how you feel about yourself. Talk to a dental provider today about your options and financing. 

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