All About Pft (Pulmonary Function Test)

PFT test is a vital diagnostic assessment to reveal the underlying lung disorder and dysfunctionality.

What is the PFT Test?

Health is a matter of concern, and we have to take care that every vital body organ should work properly and consistently. A PFT test tells us about the condition of the lungs. We can use it to determine whether or not our lungs are functioning properly. Apart from this, it also lets us know about the amount of oxygen inhaled and exhaled from the lungs. With the help of this test, we can also assess how long our lungs can hold our breath. The PFT test at home can also tell how much air is left in the lungs and the rate at which air is exchanged.

Why Are PFT Tests Done?

This test may be prescribed by the doctor due to underlying health conditions. 

  • Anyone with symptoms of a respiratory illness or a lung infection should seek medical attention.
  • If you are undergoing a procedure or treatment for the lungs and, if necessary, your lungs and other respiratory organs should be evaluated using PFTs at that time.
  • If you live or work in an area with a high level of air pollution, your doctor will most likely prescribe that you undergo a PFT as part of your regular health examination.
  • Your doctor may recommend a pulmonary test at home if you have COPD or asthma. This is prescribed in order to keep tabs on how long and how severe your symptoms are lasting.

How To Prepare For The Pulmonary Function Test at Home

Each of the procedures will be explained by your doctor. You can ask your physician before the test. If you take any kind of medicine, you must tell your doctor about it. Do not take such medicines if your doctor has told you not to before the test. Stop smoking before the test. Do whatever your doctor tells you to do.

Some Associated Risks and Contraindications

These procedures are non-invasive and rarely cause any issues. However, you should be aware of the following exceptions. Prior to PFTs, asthma episodes and dizziness have been noted. In addition, those who have recently had ophthalmological or abdominal surgery, a heart attack, or active tuberculosis should not undergo pulmonary function testing.

How to Get a Pulmonary Test at Home?

Did you know that you can now get a PFT service at home? You can take advantage of the service from Star Home Care and get the perfect result. Patients with lung-related problems like cough, anxiety, difficulty breathing, chest pain, allergies, and other disorders, can opt for this test. 

If a person with these problems cannot go to the hospital for some reason, then a PFT test can be done at home too. People with lung problems can get this test done by staying home and saving time. Simply search for “PFT services in Delhi near me” and get the right service.

Nowadays, many diagnostic centers offer home-based tests and report delivery to offer ease and convenience to the patients. All you need to do is book a PFT service at home. The experts from Star Home Care will reach your place at your desired time slot and conduct the assessement. You also get the reports at the earliest possible dates right at your home.

Is there any risk to getting a PFT test done at home?

The PFT test is very safe. No blood sample is required for this test. It is done safely where you may just need to exhale in and out. In rare cases, you may feel dizzy or have trouble breathing due to deep inhalation and exhalation. In most cases, this does not happen. If you feel any problems, you can consult your nearest doctor.

How much does a PFT test cost?

The cost of a PFT test depends on the type of test done. The base price of this test can be anywhere from 400 to 1500. The rate also depends on the area and the service provider. To get the most affordable rates on the PFT diagnosis, contact Star Home Care. It has a team of trained and specialized doctors and nurses who conduct at-home body diagnoses at the most cost-effective rates.

Final Words

As a crucial part of the lung assessment process, pulmonary function tests give objective data that can be used for diagnosis, treatment response tracking, and treatment planning. Because there are so many pulmonary function tests to choose from, it can be difficult to figure out which ones you need. Feel free to contact Star Home Care if you're experiencing any troubling pulmonary symptoms. The pulmonologists will be able to prescribe the necessary pulmonary function tests for you to undergo at the facility based on your condition. You can also get home diagnosis services at the most competitive pricing.

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