Top Reasons Drivers Fail Maryland Driving Test

With the pool of driving knowledge by your side, you can drive safe during the test and pass the Maryland driving test w

Holding a driving license in your hands is one of significant milestones of your life. However, in order to do this, you must first pass the Maryland MVA practice test. We know the thought of passing a test brings feelings of anxiety, and this can also contribute to mistakes during the actual driving practice. Thus, it is essential to study and practice with a calm mind so that you know all the information back and forth. With the pool of driving knowledge by your side, you can drive safe during the test and pass the Maryland driving test with flying colors.

As we have witnessed several people flunk in such driving tests, we thought it would be good to share the whys here. Let us start without wasting much time.

Rolling Stops

We know you are nervous during your driving test, but you must stay calm and focus on all the sign boards that come across. If you are required to stop at one place, you must and must not roll stops, which will cut your marks in the final results.

Improper lane changes

Even when you are driving on the roads, improper lane changes will fine you heavily. Whether you are driving on the highway or in the middle of the city, you should know the right way to change lanes. And in this driving test, improper lane changes can make you flunk the test. While changing lanes appear simple, there is a lot to keep in mind such as keep a check on the signal, the position of your shoulders, and using the mirrors.

Not understanding four-way stops

The most difficult thing for many students is to understand way to laws and how the other driver might allow them to take a turn. It is all about understanding the other person’s body language. While it comes with practice, you can still ask questions about this to your driving instructor so that you at least clear the driving test.

Driving too fast

Many youngsters who are giving the driving test for the first time are way too excited and they start driving with overconfidence. They end up driving way too fast and cross the speed limit. It add negative points to their result.

Driving too slowly

If driving too fast is not appreciated, driving too slow can also make the driving officials believe that you are still not ready for this driving test. You need to know the right balance between fast and slow. Drive within the speed limit but not too slow that you are left behind in the race.

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