How To Dive Into The World Of Vedic Meditation

Meditation is a practice that is quickly being accepted and adopted by millions of people.

Modern life is rough, with lots of distractions and sources of stress, and it can be incredibly tough to manage every little aspect while maintaining your mental health, which is why more and more people are turning to different forms of meditation. Vedic meditation is one of the most popular practices to come out of India, and thanks to its friendliness to newcomers and how beneficial it has been to millions, it's quickly becoming more popular than ever.


Vedic Meditation is a portion of mainstream meditation that has been popular for thousands of years, and, as a result, there are mountains of books, papers, and personal thoughts published on the subject, and many of the authors are experts with thousands of hours of experience. However, perhaps one of the most important books you'll need to study during your journey is "The Science of Being and Art of Living" by the founder of Vedic Meditation, which also explains its ties to Transcendental meditation and how many different interpretations there are of this field. With this knowledge in mind, you'll have a clear understanding of where you'll be going on your journey and what your goals should be. 

Finding a teacher

The next step on your journey should be to get some hands-on experience, and the best way to do that is to find a qualified teacher who knows this ancient technique well. These teachers often hold talks or workshops where they explain the basics of Vedic Meditation, which will help you understand what the practice involves. After listening to what these certified teachers have to say in these introductory sessions, consider going for one-on-one sessions, often referred to as private consultations, to get personalized guidance on how to do Vedic Meditation.

Practice daily 

Like any major life-changing practice, meditation is something that demands a chunk of time out of every day, and if you want to see real progress and change in your life, you'll have to make sure you're consistently meditating whenever you can, especially at the same times of the day. Vedic meditation demands at least two meditation sessions every day, and it's recommended you do this in the morning before work and before bed. To do this, you'll have to wake up 20 minutes earlier every day and set aside some time for your meditation before bed, both of which will have a minor effect on a schedule even if it’s busy, and will improve your quality of sleep.

Create a quiet place

To fully immerse yourself in the practice of Vedic Meditation you need to find a quiet and comfy place where you won't be bothered and for that, you don't need any fancy stuff, just identify a peaceful spot where you can sit comfortably, close your eyes, keep your back straight and concentrate on your thoughts. This simple setup helps you focus on your thoughts and feelings without any distractions. When you sit down to meditate regularly in the same spot, it becomes a special place where you can feel calm and centered which will make your meditation practice more enjoyable and effective.

Find a community of other practitioners 

If you’re truly interested in transforming your life through meditation, you must ensure you’re involved in a community of other people who are part of the same school of thought, where you can discuss and share your opinions and personal experiences. This will deepen your understanding of Vedic meditation by finding out about other people’s experiences and how it has changed their lives, and it will encourage you to be more regular and steadfast in your meditations and research, too.


Meditation is a practice that is quickly being accepted and adopted by millions of people as a way to cope with the struggles of daily life, as the practices and scriptures that were applied in ancient times may still be incredibly useful today. As you explore Vedic Meditation, you might notice various benefits, which include better focus, emotional well-being, and improved sleep in your everyday life which can be useful tools for dealing with the challenges of the modern world, making it a powerful way to fight away negativity, find inner peace and know yourself better.

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