Eclectic Interior Design: Defining The Real You

The new year brought about a wave of new interior design trends which involve a more playful vibe.

Interior design elements that are now used in rooms are mixed and matched in order to achieve a more fun look. 

These days, home designs are gearing towards a more theatrical or an eclectic style which highlights the richest colors, textures and layers. There is also that recognizable fusion in styles, periods, ambience and time. 

Homeowners who wish to express their unique taste are now given a chance to blend traditional as well as contemporary elements whether these are neutral colors, that formal fireplace or placing a bold chair right smack in the middle of a room. homeowners can now relax and create a space that is definitive of who they are. 

Attractive Eclecticism 

Eclectic interior design is set to make homes as accurate reflections of one’s individuality. You can now combine colors, styles and shapes to come up with your own original statement. This is a good foundation since you already love the elements that are going to be placed in your own home. 

Eclectic design includes a number of periods as well as styles which are connected by finishes, shapes, textures and colors. There are also a lot of décor options but be careful that you do not turn the eclectic room into a chaotic one. The best foundation to counter any form of chaos is to place the flooring. 

Design the place from the ground up since a new floor can jumpstart the look and feel of freshness. Floors are meant to ground the rooms as they also provide the fundamental foundation for your eclectic design. 

A useful strategy is to begin with flooring in neutral hues. This should help you build all the rest of the elements in the future. A gray-toned flooring is the latest craze and this can open up the possibilities for more color palettes and a wider range of décor. 

Do not think that neutrals are unattractive. The floor serves as your canvas where you can stage your eclectic design. You can unleash your artistic side as the floor gives the charm and visuals that you need to anchor the rest of the design elements on. 

One other advantage to using neutral colors on your floor is that you have the leeway to redesign your home as years pass. Depending on your mood, budget and inspiration, your eclectic style can be altered to adapt to all these changes.  

Design Fundamentals 

Now, when opting to go eclectic, this does not mean that you simply get random items and pile them up inside a room. Eclecticism is all about deliberate and planned designing. 

Be able to edit your collection of focal points. Create harmony by practicing moderation in all of your design pieces. To do this, find objects that complement one another. For instance, use different chairs around your dining table but be sure to paint them with a unified color. 

Do not forget about scale and proportion, too. See how you can balance all the small, medium and large pieces inside a room. Make sure that you can tell the difference between clutter and eclectic design. 

Always remember design principles when mixing different elements. Be sure to create a grid of graphic patterns, art and weathered pieces. Balance the look with nature – use flower arrangements atop that antique table. 

Do not be afraid to play with different textures from old frames to rugs and silky pillows. The key here is to let your personality shine. Would you like to finally be able to use your collection of stamps or trinkets? With eclecticism, you now can.

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