Old World Ambience In The Fairy Garden

One of the best parts surrounding the world of fairies and the scenes within miniature gardens is the fact that sprite

One of the best parts surrounding the world of fairies and the scenes within miniature gardens is the fact that sprite

One of the best parts surrounding the world of fairies and the scenes within miniature gardens is the fact that sprites themselves have been present throughout history. Their tales have been told long before they were written down in storybooks. Therefore, if you want a fairy garden replicating the Old Wild West, or Europe during the 1900's, these times will fit within the miniature gardening genre very well. My favorite thing is using garden accessories and miniature plants to create a unique world where I can imagine my own story within the confines of a miniscape.

I have made many gardens in the several years I have been writing about fairy gardening, and I can always find something new to motivate me. When planning a miniature garden, the inspiration usually starts with a story or a singular object.

The garden accessory that caught my attention most recently was a chandelier, since I do not typically imagine our fairy friends spending time in ballrooms with fancy lighting. However, the reason I loved this miniature garden accessory was through memories of my childhood. I remember reading a story about a ballroom within a large garden outside a castle, where the fairy king and his new bride wed. I thought a classic chandelier would be the ideal addition to an Old World fairy garden, since our family could create a courtyard scene reminiscent of older times. In addition, we could include a small bistro table and chairs with the chandelier dangling above the dining space. It sounds like the ideal fairy garden where wee folk spend a magical night with friends. The garden fairies could sit at the bistro table arranged with golden candlesticks and two glasses of wine. I vision flanking in the bare space near the courtyard with a stone pathway leading to a fairy house, as well as some wrought-iron fence barely containing the plants that wish to reach toward the beautiful scene.

Thinking of lovely gardens, I have some of the best memories related to visiting a friend who does urban gardening in downtown Minneapolis. She made her backyard a beautiful oasis even though cement surrounds it. Edison Light Bulbs hang like string lights to brighten up the space, there is a table surrounded by chairs, and a lamp post spreading light, so you do not step on any of her precious plants. The atmosphere echoes Old World flair with an incredible energy that is healing and pure. I cannot help but want to recreate her real-life haven into our family’s Old World miniature garden.

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