Making Birds Feel at Home in the Fairy Garden

I know I am guilty of spending hours or days coming up with unique and special fairy garden ideas.

I know I am guilty of spending hours or days coming up with unique and special fairy garden ideas. I tend to start with a theme I want to build my miniature fairy garden based on. Once I am struck with a new and exciting idea, I like to pick out my fairy house and assign a personality to the playful fairy friend who will be living inside. Once I have figured out their love of gardening, eating, or bird watching I enjoy finding garden accessories to emphasis the scene. Growing up in the Midwest I was very lucky to have two distinctly different grandfathers who loved and appreciated nature and wildlife in their own way. I had spent many days watching the skies with my grandfather in Wisconsin as he filled up his bird feeders and birdbaths. I remember watching many birds in his yard while I peeked through different windows in the house hoping to catch a rare and more exciting bird. The wonderful birds who wander around Wisconsin that you can hope to spy are Robins, Blue Jays, American Goldfinch, Eagles, Loons, and Hawks.

My grandfather, who lived in Arizona, had a wealth of knowledge when it came to the desert birds. They all come in camouflaged brown, orange, and yellow colors. The common birds you can usually catch a glance of are Woodpeckers, Wrens, Thrashers, and Verdin. If the fairy whose home I am decorating has an appreciation for birds and bird watching, I think of my grandfathers and the yards filled with bird accessories.

You can easily pick a small garden cottage and decorate the yard with garden fairies and unique bird houses. Don’t be afraid to use more than one. They are all so unalike and due to this, they tell a distinctly different story. Since these accessories are small, you shouldn’t be afraid to use more than one to add splashes of color and personality to the yard of your fairy garden.  One of my personal favorites  is the four-paned birdhouse that can hold several families of birds and has a classic white look with a grey roof. I also really like the acorn bird house – its simple craftsmanship looks like it was created by fairy hands.

When thinking about creating a fairy garden for a bird watcher, I like to decorate with miniature accessories in addition to bird houses. I may also apply bird stakes throughout my garden to show that birds do live within this fairy’s garden. I enjoy using birdbaths along with a pretty statement piece like a tree filled with songbirds. When I think of fairies, I cannot help but think of birds – their ability to fly and travel and that magic that it takes to do both. Remember that birds add a little bit of pleasure to your miniature garden, so don’t forget to add them to your next project.

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